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Comments - We Guarantee You Won't Kill These 10 Houseplants

Virginia on Dec 21, 2018:

I’ve got a succulent you’re going to have great luck with. They are called haworthia. Beautiful small spikey green and white plants that grow slowly and get small off shoots that you can divide and repot and soon you’ve got plants everywhere! They do well inside with low light or adapt to sunshine. I’ve learned the trick with succulents is to use NO more than a shot glass worth when you give them water every 2-3 weeks. Better to use a mister to water them, they don’t like having their feet wet, which leads to rot. Give one of these baby’s a try!

HelloLidy on Apr 19, 2017:

@Brandi Yay! So happy you found this helpful :) I love the Euphorbia too, they are so pretty and sculptural. Best of luck with your plant hunting!

Brandi on Apr 19, 2017:

This is perfect! I definitely need help finding plants that are easier to care for. I had no idea the Euphorbia wasn't a cactus, it's always one of my favs!

HelloLidy on Apr 19, 2017:

j. hall To be honest, I don't have very good success with succulents either. I don't know why...but these plants are pretty easy to care for. If you are going to pick one, I suggest the snake plant. They are really hearty and forgiving. The one thing I will say is if you forget to water it weeks on end, it will obviously start to turn brown and die. Just like every living thing, we all need water to grow and thrive. So when you grab a glass of water for yourself, use it as a kind reminder to check on your plant's soil to see if it feels moist still or if it's completely dry. If it's dry, just fill your drinking glass again and give it a good cup of water :) That's what I kind of had to start doing when I was a new plant-mommy and it just became habit over time. I truly hope you succeed, I love plants and I know you will too once you find confidence keeping even just one alive! xo

j. hall on Apr 18, 2017:

I'd like to have a contest with you to see which one of us could kill a plant the quickest. I AM poison to houseplants! Over the past year, a friend has brought me 6 SIX succulents, those plants everyone claims to be "kill proof"; I just finshed off the last one last week. A sorry brown, uprooted plant, tipped over on its' side, was happy to see the garbage pail just to get away from me. I'm taking on the challenge, I'm going to own one of these plants, follow the care instructions to the letter and check back in with you....when it dies. Wish me luck, I just might get a "thriver"!

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