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Comments - Seriously Effective DIY Apartment Upgrades That Won't Tick Off Your Landlord

MEGray on Sep 06, 2018:

@Courtney Oh no! That sounds so stressful! I'm glad you didn't have to catch any flak for it. :)

Courtney on Sep 06, 2018:

I've used the Velcro command strips and when I pulled my pictures off the walls the strips came too with chunks of sheetrock. It's happened several times. The last straw for me was when it happened at my last job. Thankfully I didn't get in trouble.

MEGray on Feb 14, 2017:

@Eloise These are great tips! It's amazing how much adding bold color can totally transform a space. Ditto on the contact paper bathroom idea - too humid!

Eloise Plaza on Feb 14, 2017:

I once wallpapered a whole bathroom in Contact(r) paper. Don't. Love the plants idea; it really does make a diff and cleans the air, too. I'd use larger swaths of color on the walls from a lightweight bedspread, throw or sheet in sophisticated colors: also hangable with temporary hooks. Just sew a loop in the top two corners and maybe the top middle, on the back of the fabric. Fancy gift wrap like William Morris or Marimekko prints work, too; big swaths of great color and designs for cheap. Color makes the most difference the fastest, so pick a three-color scheme you love and show it. I collect lone, colorful fabric placemats and dinner napkins and high-end fabric remnants that all sell for next to nothing. Put 'em on ugly countertops, hand-me-down end tables, etc.

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