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Comments - How To: Make a Modern Dip-Dyed Rope Dog Leash

Elizabeth on Feb 17, 2016:

If I want an adjustable leash with O-rings, do you have any idea how I might add them in along the length of the leash? I've seen them on the expensive ombre leashes online, but I don't understand how they could have gotten the o rings through the rope.

Jackie Brosnihan on Jan 30, 2016:

Have you thought about or tried splitting apart a 3 strand twisted cotton rope and dying each strand a different color and then retwisting the rope strands back together? I'm thinking of trying to do since I can't find 3/4" multicolored rope anywhere except China for $1000. Nobody in the US makes it at all... only thinner rope.

Shai on Oct 24, 2013:

Kidderton - I know this is probably irrelevent now, but you could use wax to seal the ends.

Stephanie H. on Sep 12, 2013:

I have been looking for a tutorial just like this one for not only my dogs, but for our local shelter pups -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  You made it so easy to follow!

Kim Reynolds on Aug 26, 2013:

Hi I would like to feature your dog leash project. Can you please contact me? Thanks! Kim

Stef on Jun 28, 2013:

Hi there!

This tutorial is just what I've been looking for, thanks for sharing!

I have started to make mine (rope is in a tangerine dye bath now!) and wanted to let people know if they are having trouble finding cotton rope, I  found mine marked as 'piping cord' (even though it's super thick) in the haberdashery section of Spotlight (in Aus). 

I'll post again when I'm finished!

Thanks again, 


CapreeK on Jun 24, 2013:

Thanks BlueJeannes!

Kidderton - Thank you! So glad you like the tutorial! As for the rope ends, you could use tape or tightly wrap and tie some thread around the ends before hammering down the clamps. Hope that helps! Good luck! :)

bluejeannes on Jun 24, 2013:

Great tutorial! Kidderton, you could cover the ends with the runny kind of SuperGlue and let it dry. It would then be moisture resistant.

Kidderton on Jun 22, 2013:

Awesome tutorial!!  I'm definitely going to try this one out tomorrow!

How did you seal up the frayed end of the rope (difference between the picture in step 6 to step 7). Since cotton doesn't melt, just wondering how I might deal with this in case I don't cover up the clamps with leather :)


CapreeK on Jun 21, 2013:

@bruno Do it, do it! Every home needs a dog. ;)

bruno on Jun 20, 2013:

This makes me want to get a dog, just so I can make this leash!

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