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Comments - How to Get Rid of Mice

DesigningMom on Nov 03, 2010:

The peppermint oil really works. We've used for years now. We live in the country surrounded by corn fields so you know the potential if high for those awful critters finding their way into your home. Even if your home is new and you think it's air tight, those little varmints can find their way in. The first winter we lived in our new home I kept telling my hubby we had mice, our precious Max Cat was aging by then and going blind so he was beyond taking care of them, hubby didn't believe me. Well not until I let out a blood curtling scream when one appeared in a drawer I had just opened. I had no clue I could really scream. I can.

We bought those huge potato chip clip looking traps and set them up around the basement and I started the count. When I reached 23 I gave up. Too grossed out and didn't want to think about having two dozen of them creaping around in our home. More were trapped, but I wasn't told how many. Not sure hubby wanted to tell me since "I was right!". Ha ha ha. 

So just make sure you get the PURE pepermint OIL. Not extract. We buy ours at a healthfood store. They'll know what you are talking about when you ask for the pepermint for keeping out mice.  We've not had even one mouse since we've done this. We put up new cotton balls each fall.

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