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Comments - How to Get Rid of Mice

jim on Jun 30, 2014:

peanut butter on a trap with a pinch of flour on it will get everyone of them quickly

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2014:

I live by 3 corn fields and it sucks we have the glue traps but they have caught onto them

Sharon on Jun 30, 2014:

Instant potato flakes left near water will lure rodents to eat their fill of dried potatoes and then get a drink of water. When the potatoe flakes expand it causes a stomach rupture and dies. If you have a cat or dog who will go after the rodent there is no harm to your pet.

Mike on Jun 30, 2014:

I found by setting some traps out away from the house , instead of inviting them near the house helps. I catch alot near my wood pile. I use a pale 1/3 filled with water, then pour some sunflower seeds in te pale.Them make a ramp over to the top of the pale, they will go in after the seeds and drown.

Benny on Jun 30, 2014:

i would also suggest to go to the hunting section in your local sports store and purchase fox urine. It comes in a small apray bottle and a couple of squirts here and there. We haven't seen mice nor Norway rats since.

Scott on Jun 30, 2014:

I tried a live trap for a while. It worked great at first, but then they seemed to learn how to get out. Short of a cat, the classic snap trap seems the best way. It kills them quickly and effectively.

And aspartame does turn into formaldehyde, but not in large enough amounts to be toxic. Apple juice would be more effective in that regard.

brenda on Jun 30, 2014:

I have mice that get in the laundry room from the woods behind us.i also have 2 kittens and a full grown cat strictly indoor and I tell ya, they may get in but they don't get past the laundry room without being detected and caught by 1 of them !

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2014:

Plug in repellers work they go nuts spinning in circles then die

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2014:

I had an infestation from hell, mouse poop on the counters every morning, I had to bleach them everyday, I used to live trap them, sometimes I would get 4-5 in a night, usually babies. I finally bot mouse posion in a box, they eat it from the box, I put one under the kitchen sink, it worked!! Finally no more droppings! Only draw back, they would go under the dishwasher to die, and when it went on dry cycle or just got hot, it would unleash the smell of the dead mice, you could smell it even more when you opened the Dishwasher Door, and I mean, yuk, yuk yuk!! These mice laugh at peppermint, and I had sweetener in a drawer, they ate it. So for our house, nightmare over, good luck to all.

Disgusted neighbor on Apr 21, 2014:

I bought those electrical devices at a time when I had no sign of mice..just wanted to prevent them from coming in. Well, either coincidence or it worked...for about 2 years, until lately I got I thought, either they really don't work or they just lose whatever they suppose to do as any other I hesitate in buying them again...Now, everyone says plug holes ...yeah, try that in an old home...also, we live in a house that are attached to neighbors...a row of houses...if one gets them, we all get them eventually...also my neighbor cause their kids are getting older, demand solitary bedrooms, they are knocking down walls and making cubicles and freeing the mice into our home.

tammie on Jan 31, 2014:

well i live in the country 12 chicken houses behind me we have 11 dogs 4 chickens and alot of bunnies only one english mastiff in the house he is my best friend and yes the mice came one by one started last month and i cant sleep due to i can hear them ~i almost peed on myself cuz i was scared to go to the potty and my best friend 'Mater" would not get off the bed and go~dont worry i made it then my mouth is dry so i jumped in the bed after the poddy~i started throughing things in to the kitchen hoping someone would hear and get up~lol~it worked i ran to the kitchen and back to  bed with a drink~and a snack~im trying not to laugh it scared my husband who fell asleep in the living room~lol~he set up what what~~well i guess i shouldnt have laughed i just opened a nutter bar and 1/2 the stupid thing feel~yea under the bed~i aint puttin my hand under there nor am i probably gonna get sleep~crap

Jeanette Emery on Jan 08, 2014:

i have  used the baited glue traps this morning and i have caught 4 of them but getting to where they are coming in would be a start if we knew where they are coming in at, I heard of moth balls, put them in bags put holes in it and set them out, around the house. they definitley wont come around

Anonymous on Sep 06, 2013:

I have 6 kids and just need a safe way to get the mouse to not come in I have only seen one but where there is one there is more with the pepeemint oil would it help to put it out side the house to

JJ on Jul 08, 2013:

Guys who ever has rats does not have mice my home is infested with the mice and the traps I don't bother they jump over them and the best thing to do is also the worst buy a pet rat or borrow it from a friend leave it for a phew days with food and water and the mice well they'll be gone I did it myself it actually worked though I didn't really like the rat luckily it was a kind friends rat ugg

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2013:


Stafanie on Mar 10, 2013:

For all you pet ownees who are having trouble with the poison you are using...its because of the remedy for the mice you are poisioning is found in you pet food. Certain vitamins that are in your pet food counteract the poison and heal the mice. I am going th try the artificial sugar method. All other methods have failed me since the flooding from hurricaine sandy. Best of luck to all!

Jen on Feb 21, 2013:

I bought the "just one bite" bait. I kept finding droppings under our stove. I placed the bait there, but they didn't eat it. I knew they had been there because there were more droppings. I got smart & put peanut butter on the outside of the package. The first night, the mouse chewed into it. The second night I put more peanut butter around the opening and on some of the bait. It was all gone by the third night. Haven't found any droppings since.

Anonymous on Dec 13, 2012:

I did not have much success with the peppermint oil either.  While I think it kept them out of my kitchen for a time, they were still in the house and that was not acceptable to me.  Last year our handy dandy neighbor took me on a tour of the outside of our house and showed me all of the little places the mice could and would enter.  He then showed me how to shove a springy steel wool product called xcluder into each crack and hole.  We still had to trap the ones that were already in the house, but after that I didn’t have any more mice that winter.  This fall I did another circle of the house and pushed the xcluder in a few new open cracks and we have not had a single mouse issue at all this year.  (Knock, Knock, Knock)  So the solution was as easy as just not letting them come in and the xcluder did that for me.  Apparently you can only purchase it on line (, but it was inexpensive, arrived really quick, and was simple to use and now I have plenty to last me.  So now that I don’t have any mice to deal with I can spend my winter looking for a solution to keep the squirrels and chipmunks out of my potted plants next summer and out of my pumpkins next fall - ugh!

lena on Nov 22, 2012:

I don't get it. Three days ago I bought a large bottle of pure peppermint oil at the healthfood store and proceeded to douse cotton balls in it and even rubbed it directly into the suspicious areas (kitchen cabinets, bin, around openings, etc). Though you can smell our apartment from a mile away now (my sinuses are great, but I have a headache) -> it seems to have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Since then I've seen at least 3 mice scurrying around (ick!)...and I have barely been home :(

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2012:

I have a question about using the peppermint oil to get rid of mice..... We have 6 dogs, 1 cat, 15 chickens, and 3 snakes.....we were using snap traps with peanutbutter until the mice out started to contraptions, we moved to glue traps and they pull themselves free. I want to use the peppermint oil but I'm concerned it can "harm" our animals? Is it possible it can mess with their sinus'?

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2012:

Seriously, try sprinkling aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal, etc...) around the walls and corners. Like I said in the comment below, it turns into formaldehye during digestion, like it does in humans, and well, embalms the things that eats it. You really dont need much either. Another thing that I found works well is spreading used cat litter around the outside of the house.

Amy B on Oct 16, 2012:

We live in a 1940's log home. Well have the house is and the addition is from the 80's. We didn't do the addition. We have a cat and 5 small dogs. Actually 2 of them have caught a mouse or two. The problem is there are so many nooks and crannies in this house I would need a zillion cotton balls and tons of peppermint oil. I have used moise traps and warfrin( but not that any more due to the animals). Just found 2 baby mice, one lastnight and one this morning. Even as I was reading this page one was scurring along in the kitchen and it went under the fridge,ugh! Out comes all the traps today. Any other suggestions? Oh, I forgot to mention the rats too. Even worse!

Anonymous on Oct 03, 2012:

Another great method is to spread aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal, store brand artificial sweetners, etc..) around their running paths and possible hiding places. They will eat it, and it will turn into formaldehyde during digestion, as it does in humans, and will kill the mice. The best part, since they will be embalmed, they will not stink, if you cannot find the dead body.

DesigningMom on Nov 03, 2010:

We thought about using the electronic devices, but with three levels and huge attic we decided to the try the peppermint oil first. We had a cat and dog at the time and didn't want it to bother them either. I'ts nice to know you've had good luck with them though. 

Claire Dé on Nov 03, 2010:

I did use the electronic device, and yes, THEY work.  That is the trick: use one device for each room, working 24/7.  Before that,  we had tried EVERYTHING else, short of the traditional mouse trap, including poisonned traps (and nearly lost our dog eating crumbles of the said poison), and FINALLY, electronic devices worked.

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