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Comments - How to Get Rid of Mice

Bill on Oct 07, 2014:

Don't do the "catch and release" thing.  You are just giving your problem to someone (or at least, somewhere) else.

Sharon on Oct 06, 2014:

Make a trap w/ 5 gal bucket. Drill holes near top of bucket and ends of soda can. Grease inside bucket and add few inches of water. Thread rod through bucket with can centered. Put PB on can. Make cardboard/wood ramp to rod. Mice try to get PB and fall into bucket. Don't use water if want to release.

Susan on Oct 05, 2014:

I have a recipe that really works, my family has used it for years. You take equal Parts of FLOUR, SUGAR, CEMENT mix it all in a ziploc baggie and put it under your house of anywhere you suspect they are getting in at. put in a pie pan or something they cant chew. They empty it over night. NO SMELL and I dont think any other bird or anything can eat hardened cement. We used it at the barn for River Rats I wish I could put this in the stores beside of Decon nothing like a dead rat stinky.

Jessica on Oct 05, 2014:

Mice are extremely dirty and annoying to have in your home, but please consider using alternatives to poison. Poison does not usually work right away and the mice go outside where they are consumed by predators such as birds of prey who then die. I have seen firsthand what it can do to owls and they die a horrible and painful death.

Vicki1954 on Oct 05, 2014:

I have an old house with a rock foundation so I get field mice every fall.  I use the live traps and make my son drive the mice off into the woods.   I have an indoor cat but all he does is play with them and then takes them into other parts of the house and lets them go!   Just the other day, I watched my neighbor's cat chase a mouse up the sidewalk across from my house.  She would catch it, fling it around, let it run, and then play with it somemore.  It was pretty funny but then the cat lost interest and just let the darn mouse go.  Last I saw it, it was running across the road straigt for my house!  I should have let the Labs out because they are pretty good mousers.........

Starrpwr on Sep 27, 2014:

I just moved into a rented house (in-law apt.). Lady has rodent problem but she is elderly and doesn't care and doesn't hear them like I do-I'm downstairs and they are in the walls and ceiling!

So, a multi-pronged approach is best:

1) Rodents hate the smell of amonia; soak rags or cotton balls and leave where the mice congregate.

2) I use peppermint oil diluted in water and spray everywhere; this deters spiders mostly-didn't know mice don't like it either. Plus it smells good (better than amonia).

3) The plug-in electrical devices don't work b/c they only emit a single high- pitched tone that humans can't hear. There's a device that is battery operated and emits several different tones so the vermin can't adapt to it. I've only seen this sold at Hammacher & Schlemmer (worth a try for $30).

4) Most important to block access to foundation by plugging up holes that rodents get into. Maybe try a pet snake instead of cat. Not all cats are mousers and most snakes love to eat mice; that'll deter/get rid of them for sure. Of course, when the mice are gone you'll still have to buy live ones at the pet store to keep your snake fed.

5) If you do a catch & release trap, make sure you take the varmits at least 100' (or yards?, I don't remember) away from your property or they will find their way back.

Happy mousing!

Sudeisu on Sep 25, 2014:

As for mice, an exterminator told me go ahead and poison them and if they die in the house/walls, it won't smell.  Why? Because mice have no bones, only cartilege (that's why they can get into such tiny places - it's all flexible).  The smell from dead animals comes from the bone marrow.  So you don't want rats dying in your house.  A different exterminator did my FIL's house for rats and used outside bait stations.  They're plastic boxes,  almost a foot wide, with a couple of holes in them, baited with green blocks of poisoned foods that rats like.  They eat their fill, then take pieces back to the nest (rarely inside a house, but outside somewhere: hollow tree, shed, garage, doghouse, etc.).  The whole gang eats and they do dehydrate in less than a week, and their smell stays away from you and your house.  Poison and traps are the only way to get rid of rats since they can gnaw through ANYthing, even concrete!

Anonymous on Sep 23, 2014:

I had a cat and all he did was bring them in and play with them. I have those electronic devices in every room, I have traps, live traps, and poison under my trailer. I have steel wool in every hole I can find and now I am trying the peppermint oil. I hope something works. I am so tired of cleaning up their mess. I can't sleep because I have nightmares about them running over me in bed. YUUUUUKKKKKK!!!!

Nicole McGuire on Sep 21, 2014:

Cthu, no don't burn ur house Down! I got 2 dogs and 2 cats, I got 3 mouse hunters. We have them now, last year we had none.

stretch on Sep 20, 2014:

I like sticky traps they make good hood ornmments

GRANDMA MARILYN on Sep 20, 2014:


Mimi, Ashville, AL on Sep 20, 2014:

Another preventive is to keep the grass mowed and the shrubbery around the house trimmed way down. Better yet, don't plant shrubbery around the house and dig up any shrubbery that is already there. I trimmed mine way down and got rid of some and haven't seen a mouse in months.

Anon on Sep 20, 2014:

Can't get a cat when you're allergic! :"( we've tried all these things other than a cat or kitty litter. But everyone in my house is allergic. My house is spotless idk why we can't get rid of them. :(

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

Chickens are excellent mousers

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

I have had mouse problems for years! It's disgusting and it doesn't matter how or what I do! I'm now going to try the peppermint! I'll see if it works!

Bubbles on Sep 19, 2014:

I had mice and rats in the walls. We tried many methods.the steel wool.traps. Peppermint oil. I even had 6 cats. One good mouser. But when the suckered are on your wall that's unacceptable. They also like quiet. So I counteracted it by playing music. Sounds silly but I placed my boom box. Yes I just said boom box aka radio. I put several in the my kitchen cupboards and blared rap music and heavy metal music at night. Shut the cupboard doors and blared music. It worked I had no more noises. I always bang ceilings..walls if I heard noises. Let them know I knew they were there. You look like a fool cussing out the ceiling or wall. But those lil suckered know not to mess with me. Yes the cats are helpful. But I don't like mice and would prefer my cats NOT eat them.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

Problem with poison is other things find them ,eat them , die also. Cat's well my 3 are as old as me havent got a chance, They let me know we had a mouse, as all 3 started sleeping in the kitchen. So I use glue traps and peanut butter, hammers are easy.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

Will this work on rats too?

deb on Sep 19, 2014:

we live like 6 feet from a corn field and we go to town and get these log bars and yes it kills them and off they go with them,  and it works because they love them things so they take them back to there nest and everyone eats this bar and bye,bye, they are gross, i cant stand them things.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

I agree the glue traps and feeding them something to kill them is cruel. Why not just prevent them? I dislike them just as much the next person they have ruined many decorations for the holidays getting even in my plastic tubs but we recently tried dryer sheets, I just bought the off brand. We put in my camper just laid them out on the bed, my brand new Tommy Hilfiger towels I bought and left out and I didn't check on it for several months but no mice. I laid a few fresh out and left the box open they cannot stand the smell it worked and cruelty free!!!

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2014:

Just looking at these article pics creep me out.

Cat on Sep 18, 2014:

The mint really does work!!! I buy peppermint tea bags and just put them in the area where I have had a problem. It has been 2 years now with no mice. Also pine cleaner-store brand, not PineSol. I took everything out of my cabinets and wiped the shelves down with pine cleaner in water, wiped off all of the cans and put a few peppermint tea bags in the cabinets. They need to be replaced when the smell gets weak. Also I have used Listerene Vanilla Mint in a spray bottle with water. I keep the spray bottle in my basement and spray mist my pantry monthly. Very successful!!!

JUDI on Sep 18, 2014:

coke or pepsi in a plastic lid, placed where you have seen them.  They like the sweet stuff, can't belch.  Swell  Up, can't breathe so they go outside hoping for air, die outside.  works good.

Jess on Aug 30, 2014:

Peppermint oil, ammonia, sticky traps ( the spendy ones the only that work) and feed bait called rodent side ( dehydration to death)and I don't want to hear some whine bag boohooing about cruelty to nasty rats/mice. 27 gone in 5 days

Dave on Aug 26, 2014:

We used to have chickens. The feed attracts the mice. You have to put the feed in a steel container. We used steel trash cans to put the bags in. The mice will chew through a plastic one. You also have to watch the feed mess the chickens make too. 

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