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Comments - Make a DIY Fire Pit this Weekend With One of These 61 Fire Pit Ideas

Toni on Jul 26, 2014:

The comment WAS friendly and informative. If it was received any other way, then it falls on the receiving end. Why have people needed cotton candy and freaking rainbows to digest anything without a smiley face after it?! Is there no such thing as professional courtesy anymore? This is a DIY site, not group therapy. If you didn't know about potential dangers of burning old was machines, then you DID learn something; knowledge was spread. Grow a thicker skin, people. Sheesh.

Tony on Jul 14, 2014:

We burned tons of fires in old washing machine tubs in Afghanistan.  I'm still kickin...

Anonymous on Jul 08, 2014:

My daughter was hospitalized after inhaling the toxic fumes from a fire pit made from an old washing machine tub :-\ Be careful while having fun and become an informed do it yourselfer

Ryan on Jun 03, 2014:

Most info I just googled about metal fumes related to welding of metal, which does not apply here. Yes I admit that most metal items are coated in paints or zinc type galvanizing processes to help avoid corrosion, so care must be taken when repurposing such items for high heat applications. Your comment would have been much more helpful if it were just friendly and informative and not so judgmental and condescending. Washing your toilet improperly can also cause unintended harm. Spread knowledge not fear. :)

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2014:

Exposing metal not intended for extreme heat to flame can cause hazardous metal fumes to be released including: zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, chromium, or cadmium. You want to be careful about proposing DIY ideas that involve using metal items (washing machine drums, wheel barrows, bowls) not intended for use with flame. It could cause unintended harm to your readers. 

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