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Comments - Go Big in Small Spaces: Why Dark and Bold is a Good Choice for a Tiny Bathroom

Tina N on Nov 11, 2019:

I love this blue and of course, this shade if green is my favorite.
This whole bathroom is beautiful.
If I had a bathroom like this and did not want to hang it as high to not catch the trim in the reflection, can you possibly offer me ceiling to trim and how light and mirror height should meausure?

L on Jun 02, 2018:

I love it! I have a rather large guest bathroom w/tub, and i am prob going to pain the walls this color. (Naval) im just concerned that because it has no window, it may be too dark... guess well find out!

Pam Feathers on Jan 28, 2018:

Love the paint color. I agree the dark paint color makes the bathroom look larger.

bruno on Dec 04, 2017:

@S - thanks! We live in Minnesota, so it's very cold and dark here in the winter, and I think it still works well. I agree, though: it might not be a good idea in a bathroom with no window at all.

S on Dec 04, 2017:

hmm, not sure how this would be in a bathroom that has no window. also, living in a very cold, dark and rainy climate in the winter -- this could be depressing. looks classy in your picture, though.

bruno on Nov 21, 2017:

@sue - thanks for your feedback ... and I'm glad you like your small bathrooms light. We think this one turned out great, so I guess we'll just have to disagree on that point.

Sue on Nov 21, 2017:

No! This bathroom should have stayed a light color. That dark blue is way too dark for such a small room. I have two very small bathrooms in my house and made sure to paint them very light colors. They are small enough on their own without painting them some dark color and making me feel claustrophobic in them. Plus, the dark color just swallows all the light. Not a good choice!

bruno on Nov 07, 2017:

@michelle - good point. The space is so tiny, though, that there's no good way to get a shot of the room *and* the ceiling together (so it would just be a shot of a ceiling). Sorry!

Michelle on Nov 07, 2017:

In the Tips you mention painting the ceiling but there are not any photos showing the ceiling. I know you said you didn't do this. A photo showing what it looks like without a painted ceiling would be helpful.

Delia B Bornsztein on Nov 03, 2017:

Love it!!!!

alicia on Nov 03, 2017:

Thanks, Rebecca!

Rebecca on Nov 03, 2017:

That blue makes the floor POP! I didn't notice the floor at all in the before shot--totally washed away in dreariness. But against the contrasting deep blue and bright white, that floor shines!

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