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Comments - What's the Best Bottle Cutter on the Market? We Find Out

Melissa on Jan 05, 2018:

Thank you so much for this article!! I have the G2 and am ready to move onto greener pastures. I'm going to get the Ephrem cutter. Thank you!

HEATHER on Aug 10, 2017:

i bought an Ephrems and have spent all day with out success. i used the candle and ice cold water as i didnt have ice cubes. no luck, the bottles didnt even seperate. i tried puttong the bottles in the deep freeze to get them cold but no luck. so the trick must be in the ice cube? i also tried the cold water...boiling water baths. no luck!! feeling frustrated

Murray on Jun 01, 2017:

Hi Bev, Yes, I have cut a huge qty of bottle between 1/2' to 1" off the bottom of large and small bottles. I used Creator's Bottle Cutter ( The only thing you need to get is a piece of smooth wood approx 3/4" or 1" thick and about 4x4 or 5x5". You place this wood base at on the cutter just below the bottle base. It's best if you can use 2 small Quick Clamps to temporarily clamp the wood to the base of the cutter. Here is a photo:
This will allow you to cut the bottle right at the bottom or very close. You can make a super smooth cut and separation, insert stuff into the bottle and seamlessly bond the bottle back together again.
Cheers, Murray

Bev on May 31, 2017:

I want to just cut the bottoms off of wine bottles or smaller sized bottles like a Worcestershire bottle. I want not more than an inch of the bottom. Are any of these cutters capable of that?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Janice on May 04, 2017:

Thank you for all the detailed information. I have been looking at some of the square bottles (mostly from Bourbon makers) and thinking that those bottles could be very interesting vases or light fixtures. I have never cut a bottle before and will probably purchase your A+grade Ephrem's because of the angle/slope on some of the bottles I like best. Thanks again!!

Nick Jager on Apr 18, 2017:

I've reviewed a few of the same bottle cutters myself and would agree with all the grades that you handed out. Although I thought you were being generous with the 'D' for the g2. It reminded me of when Tommy Boy got excited and claimed that he 'passed!'. Great round-up of all the different bottle cutters available.

Mary Anne on Sep 19, 2016:

Ha! Great article :-) I found a cheaper Ephrem, but I think it's another manufacturer, not sure...

Cynthia on Mar 10, 2016:

I am looking to cut crystal decanters. Would Creator's or Ephrem's work on lead crystal?

John Galt on Mar 08, 2016:

Kudos on the head to head match-up. I have Ephram's cutter and love it. It gives consistent and even score lines (both in depth and matching the beginning and ending).

I have been cutting bottles for about two years. While scoring of the bottle is important, proper stressing of the score line is also important.

I used to be very impatient and try to get the bottle cut in two or three passes on the candle. And my success rate was about 50% (terrible).

I eventually realized that successful stressing requires patience. I didn't need to overly heat the score line. I needed to evenly apply small amounts of heat, then cool. But do it over more rounds of heating and cooling.

Now I take my time and do many passes with heating and cooling. While it may take longer, it insures that the stressing is more likely to follow the score line.

Another benefit is that the eventual cut line is very even, and, in my experience, not sharp or dangerous. Because of this, it also requires less sanding.

Once I learned some patience, my success rate has gone to about 99%.

RG on Feb 21, 2016:

Hey! THANKS for this!!! This was exactly the comparison test I was hoping someone had done. Really appreciate it.

Don Jackson on Jan 04, 2016:

All of these bottle cutters score the glass, but separating the two halves and sanding them down seem to be the difficult part. This video shows a much quicker way:
It uses the Bottle Bit to separate the halves with a pencil torch, and then to sand it down.

Jennifer on Nov 17, 2015:

Murrays bottle cutting technique was great. I went back to review video and the video is private now. I has hoping he'd be willing to repost one that isn't private. I bought the items needed and have done bottles I wanted to try to cut. Thanks!

natasha on Sep 28, 2015:

Hi are you able to review the Luca and C and C, both look simillar, cant decide between those and the Ephram. Got the g2, and as predicted, 1 out of 10 bottles were barely usable, more the amber than green for some reason green seams more brittle. 

Thanks for your reviews, really helpful, although wish i'd seen them after spending 2 hours assembling the g2!!

Andee on Aug 26, 2015:

I`m truly amazed by the C&C Bottle Cutter. Works like a dream.

Yet would be happy to try the other bottle cutters as well :)

Steve Crawley on Aug 26, 2015:

Hi, this is the best, Part 1

Part 2 If you want dimensions etc ashton crystal engraving

Steve Crawley on Aug 26, 2015:

Hi the best one is this made by yours truly. and then

Any one wants dimensions etc let me know ashton crystal engravers

Murray on Aug 06, 2015:

Steve, sorry I must have forgotten to post the link. The video is here:

Cheers, Murray

Steve on Aug 06, 2015:

Please send me the link for that video on the separation technique you,ve been using.



Murray on Jul 20, 2015:

I don't mean to pull this thread off on a tangent but I thought I would share what I came up with as the best process for cutting glass bottles. It gives me a way to achieve perfect straight cuts with perfect yoeld 100% of the time. It uses no boiling water, no flames, torches, or combustible gases or liquids.  I put together a video and posted the link below. Just one disclaimer:  I used Creator's Bottle Cutter in the video because it has worked best for me in my work. If you are tired of reading about bottle scoring devices you can skip the first 3 mins of the video.

Cheers, Murray

DIY Maven on Jul 20, 2015:

@Kris--I haven't seen a comprehensive review of the Luca yet. If they'd send me one, I'd gladly add my findings to this post. ;) Think they read these comments??

@Els--I'd never heard of the Kent before reading your comment. They certainly DO look alike, but unless I had one in my hands, I couldn't comment on its performance in comparison to Ephram's. As far as manufacture, Ephram's in made in the U.S., Kent is made in China. 

Els on Jul 19, 2015:


Is there any different between the Kent and the Ephrem bottle cutter. On the internet, they look the same?

Kris on Jul 09, 2015:

Hi. Thanks so much for your time and energy (and undoubtedly money) spent on these comparisons. They are very helpful. I wonder whether you've heard anything about the Luca Cutter from LucaStudios? ( They claim to cut curves & straight lines.

Carol on Jul 03, 2015:

You can buy anything on ebay!  I think most sellers ship international but be sure to check price.  I was warned not to do beer bottles because it is a different type of glass - because of heat processing.  I just recently tried a few and had 50-50 luck with a clean cut and getting cracks up the bottle.  I was using the G2 and hot water/ice water dipping.  

els on Jul 03, 2015:

Is it possible to cut beer bottles or bottles of 33 cl (I think of the Savanna-bottles, a South African primium cider) with the Ephrem's bottle cutter? 

And can i buy the cutter in Belgium?


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