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Comments - Plumbing of age: what every first-time homeowner should know about the sewer system, part one

bruno on Jan 07, 2013:

@bridgette: thanks! Glad to entertain! Fortunately this episode happened almost ten years ago now, so the memory (and odor) is beginning to fade.

Bridgette on Jan 07, 2013:

LOL.."After a while, the ShopVac’s little pot-belly was full. I couldn’t dump it in the basement sink, primarily because I was afraid it would come right back out the hole in the floor, and I’d be stuck in some torturous Tom-and-Jerry-like poop-loop."...HILARIOUSLY WRITTEN! lol

Senseless on Mar 10, 2007:

That really Stinks!


sorry just had to

Sydney on Mar 09, 2007:

You are braver than I am; I would have paid any amount of money to have someone else deal with that for me. This is the stuff of the worst nightmares!

balubalu on Mar 09, 2007:

"almost 2 a.m., and dark, poopy basements start feeling pretty creepy at that hour."

Damn, this is a horrific description. I love it. :-)

I've experienced something like this already in a house where the pipes had not enough decline so that urine scale(?) slowly made the pipes smaller and smaller. And when the plumber came and used a spiral(?) to clean it some of the crushed stuff got stuck in the spiral and crushed the pipes - inside the brick walls. Fixing that was a lot of work.

jasimar on Mar 08, 2007:

Tears.  Shooting from the corners of my eyes.  My husband and I are taking turns reading this aloud and literally rolling in gut-busting laughter.  I'm so sorry for your misfortune but by gods that's good reading.

DIY Maven on Mar 08, 2007:

Oh my used a shop vac to suck up the poop soup which you then deposited in the sewer in the street? Words fail me. Really. And words never fail me...just ask my husband. The scene in Christmas Vacation where Cousin Eddy is deposting his RV sewage into the street comes to mind, however.

I can't wait for part 2 of #2. he he he 

KatNap on Mar 08, 2007:

Oh... nasty nasty stuff. This is like a car wreck - I can't look away (especially after your teaser about tomorrow). Bleh.  Here's soemthing not many people know. When homes were built in the 1980s, builders used strong plastic piping from the street to the house. That plastic piping is now wearing out, so we're beginning to see expensive ($2,000 - 5,000) fixes coming to our neighborhoods where the plastic is being replaced by metal.

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