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Comments - How To Make Beautiful Remnant Fabric

Judith on Dec 16, 2014:

Totally fell in love with this!  Gorgeous!  Finally found some classy and fun ideas!  Thanks

Lesleyb on Jun 02, 2014:

Amazing will definitely be trying this

mbd on Mar 04, 2012:

fantastic upholstery. 

Bunny on Feb 05, 2012:

I want to use remant patchwork fabric as an area rug. Any thoughts on what to mount the fabric onto to make it heavier and sturdier? Thanks for the how to! I'm excited for this project

Cat on Mar 02, 2011:

You know, after I made that comment I looked more closely and saw it was turned 90 degrees. Duh, you the genius would know that!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Mar 02, 2011:

If you look carefully, you can see that a strip of patches is sewn next to another strip, but the seams are off, which is good. Then they may turn the entire things 90 degrees and sew strips off in that direction. I watched a guy do this with about 10 books of remnants and it was amazing how fast the got at cutting the pieces. Sometimes two or three pieces are sewn together to make one square or rectangle. Kind of tricky.

catherine on Mar 02, 2011:

but the fabric remnants on those chairs are not lined up in a row???

elseajane on Mar 01, 2011:

I think these are incrediable. Look at the way that the fabrics compliment the wood and the wood gives back to the chairs. What a great idea to use up small pieces in the same color pallet. Now I'm rethinking my chairs for the dinning room...EJ

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