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Comments - Six Heavenly Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Anonymous on Aug 12, 2013:

How do you cut the bottom off?

Joann wilhite on Nov 02, 2012:

I have saved all my LIMU bottles before the went to plastic. Thx so much.

Anonymous on Jun 09, 2012:

if the candle keeps going out - drill a few small holes in the glass and it will allow extra oxygen to keep the candle burning bright


Kristi on Jun 05, 2012:

I have cut the bottom off several wine bottles and have a display on my outside bar.  It's a beautiful sight at night!  Yes, I have had problems with some candles not staying lit but it has nothing to do with lack of oxygen - I found it's the quality of the candle.  I will not buy the one's from Dollar Tree or Dollar Store anymore.  The one's they sell at Hobby Lobby seem to work best.  As a matter of fact, my display has 6 different bottles on it (different sizes/shapes/colors).  Two of the candles came from Hobby Lobby & I'm still using them - the others have been replaced numerous times.  TeaLight candles didn't stay lit either.

Carrie on Apr 25, 2012:

So, I have cut the bottoms off a few wine bottles and I find that there is not enough oxygen to keep the flame burning.  Does anyone know the secret?

DIY Maven on Oct 26, 2011:

Anon@ THANK YOU!!! I fixed the link.

Tina on Oct 13, 2011:

The link is dead - did you use the mini lights that use the batteries?

Karen on Sep 15, 2011:

What kind of lights did you use? I didn't notice anything plugged in?

April on Sep 07, 2011:

Love these but the tutorial on the last one is no longer available. Do you remember how it's done? I don't want to end up with 'tacky'!

DesigningMom on Feb 28, 2011:

Well thank you so very much Maven! I've been saving hubby's wine bottles all winter with plans to make the garden torch, but now I have many more, much easier ideas to use them for.

Steven on Feb 25, 2011:

I happen upon curbly on my way through a long journey through ikeahackers.  Saw comments there about bottle cutting, leading to this video.

It's not about how you cut/score the bottle, it's how you heat it.


Alice@AliceinDesignland on Feb 25, 2011:

What a wonderful idea, especially the top two.  I'm headed to my buildling's recycle room to see if I can find some empty bottles.

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