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Comments - Roundup: 14 Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Sue on Jan 08, 2013:

Nice ideas!  Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2012:

These turned out amazing!  Thank you so much for sharing !  I am going to make more with our Grandchildren!  Love them!

Ester on Feb 12, 2011:

the coolest and very easy to do.

Julia on Feb 10, 2011:

Great ideas! Printables are also good for last minute gifts too. I've got a few on my site for you procrastinators out there. ;)

Printable Love Coupon Book and Printable Library Card Valentine

DesigningMom on Feb 10, 2011:

Oh what pretty ideas Maven. We really don't do much, if anything, for Valentines day since our Anniversary, (31 years) is just two days later.

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