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Comments - How to Make a DIY Adjustable Drafting Table from Any Desktop

Michael on Aug 02, 2014:

Help me I mean.

Michael on Aug 02, 2014:

Yes I'm interested in buying this kind of desk. Can any body please me make one for me or how to purchase this table? I want to buy it, for my work. How much? Thank you I really appreciated

Veronique on Aug 06, 2011:

Did exactly as you said, but the hindges on the small piece of plywood pulled right out of the bottom of the table. Trying another variation that I hope works, but figured I'd mention and see if you had any advice, or maybe a step was left out inadvertiently. My plan is to use it to do calligraphy. Got this table top in AS IS section at our IKEA for $8! Even with the extras and the time, it's still going to be much more affordable!!! Thanks!

Jared on Feb 25, 2011:

What is and where did you get the ledge that is just under the lamp in the first photo? It looks like its perfect for storing a scale rule and pens in handy!

Chris Gardner on Feb 21, 2011:

@Nartholis - the hinges are opened and placed such that it stays 90-degrees to the horizontal plane. Well, maybe 87-88 degrees but it works; I'm actually sitting on the front of it as I type this, to test your concern, and its very steady. I'm trying to push it forward, and can't, really. I agree it's not an industrial strength solution, but it's a great option for me given my space requirements and needs.

@Steven - I got it at the art supply store. It came in black, but I sprayed on a few coats of the same color I used on the lamp and other fixtures around the room

narthollis on Feb 20, 2011:

What keeps the front legs 90-degrees to the ground?

It looks to me like too much weight on the table would cause the table to tip forwards, untill the front legs were again 90-degrees to table.

Steven on Feb 20, 2011:

Where did you get the marker/pencil storage?  I have been looking for something like that for weeks!!!

Chris Gardner on Feb 08, 2011:

@ Meaghan - I'm pretty sure that's an Amy Butler from a few years ago. I bought it in the remnant section of a local shop. Unfortunately, I can't speak to the particular pattern or if it's still available.

Good luck. I hope it works for you. Please post a photo of your finished piece.

meaghan on Feb 08, 2011:

this is the project i have been looking for!!  this is a great hack.  i can't wait to get to ikea to get my project on!  well done! also- where did you get the fabric in your photo?

Chris Gardner on Jan 31, 2011:

@ Curious - You can see in the second- and third-to-last ohotos that the hinges are in the front right and left corners of the table. In the image with the sparks, the wood square that sits in the corner is attached to the hinge, and the leg is attached to the plywood.

The hinges change the angle that the legs relate to the table. As the back rises, the table angle is adjusted. If the legs were always at 90-degrees to the tabletop, they would then move as the table is changed. The hinges allow the legs to stay at a right angle to the floor regardless of the position of the table.

curious on Jan 29, 2011:

Can you please post a picture of where the hinges are on the table (eg, the underbelly of the table)?  I still don't quite understand how they're done or why they're needed..  Thank you!

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2011:

thank you for this post.   i am looking forward to this project.  could you also mention where you purchased that marker holder? thanks.

lukeg on Jan 21, 2011:

hey, nice post, good inspiration! about stripped screws - pilot holes are great, as you noted. have you tried an impact driver? they cost a little more than a standard drill but will make life much more pleasant :-)


i'm headed to ikea this weekend to round up the parts for this project!

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