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Comments - My Total Office Makeover: How to Make a Custom, DIY Desk (IKEA Hack!)

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2014:

For those wondering about the keyboard slider, you can see them quite well in this pic:    just zoom in with (mac) cmd +, or (Windows) ctrl + 

Anonymous on Apr 07, 2013:

Just wondering, did you reinforce the legs of the desk somehow? The Vika series of tabletop are approved for a maximum of 50kg's. All the gear on that desk would weigh a lot more. Did you have any difficulties with sagging or anything?

Andy on Feb 11, 2011:

This is exactly what I'm thinking about doing.  I too have the axiom 61 and would love to put it below the desk top.  I'm curios about you sliding brackets.  Do they drop down?  Can you take a picture of them.  I'd love to see more detail.  They are the crux of the project for me.  I love any more detail of the slider keyboard drawer.  Also the ikea desk you attached it too.  Which one is it.  Thank you so much for any help.  

Denise V. on Jan 24, 2011:

Fantastic hack Chris!  I'm currently knee-deep in my own home renovation and the next thing to tackle is the office wall = one of the walls in the living room.  I DIY any and everything I feel I can create or alter with reasonable success and my hubby and I are preparing to build a long floating desk for 2, wall mount our monitors and install IKEA wall cabinets above our work areas.  Your posts, this one in particular, are such an inspiration.  As is your story.  Thank you so much for sharing your creations and motivations behind them.

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