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Comments - Roundup: Hip Accessories For A Totally Mod Office

DesigningMom on Jan 03, 2011:

Sounds like we come from the same mold. I forgot to mention I too love Post-Its and have so much information on paper here and there that I often say my brain is on paper.

If I ever get around to make the cable drops I'll make sure to post them. Not sure how long that will be. Where I used to say "So many men, so little time" I now say "So many projects, so little time".

Lucky I found a one man that fills all my needs. giggle He even helps me with my projects!

CapreeK on Jan 03, 2011:

DesigningMom - I'm the same way when it comes to scrap paper.  I love post-it notes and always have a small stack in my purse, but I have so many random pieces of paper that I've written important things on, measurements, recipes etc.  It's borderline ridiculous! :)  On another note, I love your idea about using wooden shapes to make your own Cable Drops.  A few of those in walnut.. Mm-mm!  I say go for it!

DesigningMom on Jan 03, 2011:

Wow some great finds Capreek.

I think I'm in love with the Cable Drops and Desk-It. I so want them, but thinking I can make the drops myself our of some wooden shapes I have and I've been working very hard to use scrap paper for notes and lists. There's usually blank space somewhere on any previously used paper. Of course I could always turn these over and use the backs when done with the calendar or graphpaper sides, right?  I mean I do need a new desk calendar..... created at: 01/03/2011

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