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Comments - Crocheted Jingle Bell Garland

Deb B on Jul 16, 2016:

This looks really easy and very cute can hardly wait till I get the jingle balls. Hope I can find the sight again when I need it.

DIY Maven on Nov 12, 2012:

Thanks, Tamara!

DIY Maven on Dec 20, 2010:

That's GREAT, Kerry!!!!

Kerry on Dec 19, 2010:

Great idea and so do-able! Managed to do it whilst feeding my 2 month old son - didn't think I'd get any crafts done this year!! Thankyou!

DIY Maven on Dec 18, 2010:

Thanks that girl! I don't mind in the least!!!

that girl on Dec 18, 2010:

Hey! Hope you don't mind, I linked to your wonderful tutorial on my Tumblr.

Thanks for the great idea :3

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