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Comments - How to Make a To-go Coffee Cup Tissue Pop-up

AeryonSun on Mar 09, 2014:

Guys, the tissues in the little box are the same as the tissues in the big box. They are just folded in half, not smaller.

minib0x on Aug 15, 2012:

i love this idea. thank you so much.

Pond Forum on Feb 26, 2011:

That fits rite into you cars center console!

Florence on Feb 21, 2011:

I like the idea but would use my collection of hankies instead, then the whole thing is re-used.

Anonymous on Dec 03, 2010:

How about using a soda cup instead of coffee cup? The larger size might fit the tissues without having to cut them in half. And, hold more between refills.

Tina Can DIY on Oct 13, 2009:

I new at recycle,re-use but I am hooked and I want more info... 

Julia on Jul 20, 2009:

If you want to make these as mini-gifts, you can buy these cups new from most dollarstores now.

ronmaggi on Jun 28, 2009:

Am I the only person on the planet that uses hankerchiefs anymore? They are much greener than tissues, as you wash them and they're good to go again. Also, paper tissues are dusty. My allergies are usually made worse by them, the dust lands in my eyes, and into my sinuses. Last but not least, I always blow right through even the toughest tissue, I would have an even harder time with ones cut in half. The dispenser could perhaps be adapted to work with hankerchiefs. I have folded them together in such a way that they would popup like tissues. I usually just carry 2 in my pocket and call it good.

DIY Maven on Jul 24, 2008:

I had the same thought about the tissues in the square boxes, but they didn't work as is. (They were still too big.) I did use them, but I still had to cut them in half and do the weaving bit.

sillygirl on Jul 23, 2008:

Did you use full sized tissues or the ones in the little square box? I'm thinking the ones in the little square box might be a perfect fit, no cutting or weaving required.

One of these randomly showed up in my car a few years ago... I'm thinking from my friend's flight attendant Mom. It was freeking AMAZING until someone moved it to insert their beverage then later stepped on it and crushed the daylights out of it *RIP my first coffee cup tissue dispenser*

DIY Maven on Jan 22, 2008:

Hey Garbonzo! Yes, it's best to pull out a tissue while holding the cup--but many cup holders in cars have rubber grippy stuff in them these days. The cup holders in my man's vehicle even has spring loaded clamp things that will make them stay put. The original store bought version had the same issues, as far as weight is concernced. And now that I'm thinking about it, my car's pop-up recently ran out. Better make some more! Hope you feel better soon....

Garbonzo on Jan 22, 2008:

That's a nifty idea, and fitting because I have the sniffles today! I am concerned that it would get lost in the sea of old coffee cups on my desk though. And it seems that pulling a tissue out might pick up the entire cup. How about weighting it with some rocks or something else heavy as well?


Thanks for the great idea though! 



tschoerda on Mar 07, 2007:

that is supercool!!

LishDorset on Feb 21, 2007:

My mother LOVES these things! This is great!

terryswaler on Feb 13, 2007:

seriously --

You DO have your nose on the DIY pulse!  <laughing>  Love this.

Thanks for spending that $3.00!



jasimar on Feb 13, 2007:

So going to do this tonight!  Dh and I have allergies and there's no easy place to store a box of tissues in my car.  There are however 10 cup holders.   You've delivered another perfect solution.

badbadivy on Feb 13, 2007:

What a great idea! I love it!

megrockstar on Feb 13, 2007:

I absolutely love this. you could even get a plain cup and write a quote "in" it. very cool idea!

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