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Comments - How To: Make Modern Paper Holiday Garland (on the Cheap!)

JaneBerlin on Dec 09, 2012:

This idea still great in 2012! So glad it popped up with a google search "mod christmas decorations" and a little scrolling. Punch out old holiday cards...pick out parts you like...sparkles, snowman face...or just abstract curves. Recycling!

lore on Oct 25, 2012:

This is very helpful! I am sewing paper leaves for my classroom. Circles would be fun for the kids to hand sew together! Fun! Thank you!

Leslie on Sep 10, 2012:

Love, love, love this Corinna. Thanks for sharing! I don't think you mentioned, but this would be great as a Christmas tree garland, too, using shiny old wrapping paper, coffee packets, or other festive ephemera!

Nicole on Jan 20, 2012:

Thank you! I've been looking for reusable party decorations to make. This and the mod ornaments will be perfect! 

Alison@isharecrafts on Dec 20, 2010:

Super Cute!  I will be linking...thank you!

Jasmine In Oz! on Dec 06, 2010:

Cute, very cute!!! You will need the bobbin thread when yu sew with your machine, otherwise the top thread has nothing to loop around and it wont work!

Use up your old needles for this - the paper will blunt them and you wont be able to use them for 'real' sewing after.

You can glue two thin circles together (phone books are one source) - use a smear of glue stick. Any string, yarn, tinsel, etc.

Molly on Dec 06, 2010:

These are wonderful! I'm getting my sewing machine tuned up tomorrow. I've been meaning to bring it in, but this is my motivation to do it!

I get used paperback books of stories with pictures I like...such as Little House On the Prairie series or Charlotte's Web. I have cut out the pictures and famed them. I hate not using the rest of the book pages. This is a great way to use more of the book.

Rih on Dec 01, 2010:

so I don't have a sewing machine, and honestly I'm really not that crafty, but feeling inspired and on a budget... think I could glue two circles over a piece of string to make the garland? best string or glue to use? other ideas?

Chris Gardner on Nov 30, 2010:

I didn't...I thought it might be a problem, but it cruised along just fine right between 3 and 4. Maybe loosening up would work? It doesn't really matter how tight the stitch is, as its not holding anything together, right?

alicia on Nov 30, 2010:

These look great - did you have to adjust the tension? I tried this once but my thread kept breaking...

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