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Comments - Make a String-Ball Chandelier

Cindy on Mar 03, 2014:

The only problem with sugar water? It attracts ants!

Lazy on Sep 22, 2012:

Someone make this for me. Too much work.

Incantevole on Jul 14, 2012:

I find that using sugar water ( simple syrup ) works better than either starch or the glue mixture. We tried balloons with each type and the sugar water ones were much sturdier and firmer. The starch ones held their shape but were a little weak, and the glue one popped itself early and shrunk in on itself. We also used Crochet thread instead of yarn. So, basically. 



1 Cup of water

1 cup of white sugar

One size 3 spool of Crochet Yarn ( per balloon, depending on balloon size )


Paper clip

Something to hang the balloons on.

Then follow the same procedures on this website. To make the simple syrup just put the sugar and water on the stove until all of the sugar is dissolved into the water! :)


Wait about 8 hours and they will be really hardened. But we waited overnight before popping the balloons, because we were over-cautious. 

DIY Maven on Jan 22, 2012:

@virginia--bummer, indeed! I fixed the link.

virginia in VA on Jan 21, 2012:

Bummer, tutorial is not there.  8^(
Would love to know how to make these.  Have a fairly good idea, but directions sure keep me from making BIG mistakes.  Hey, I'm only 69, going on adulthood, any day now.  Need to play with a big ball of string!


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