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Comments - Upholstered Dining Chairs in the Living Room: A review

DesigningMom on Nov 11, 2010:

The prices would have changed my mind, but then right now everything we spend on the house is actually on the house, literally, so that would hurt our budget. Someday we'll be ready to furniture shop. I just have to keep reminding myself that.

DIY Maven on Nov 11, 2010:

Sara--That's a lovely chair! Looks like the RH Hudson.

DM--Hubby hasn't tried the Hudson yet, but if he likes it, I'm about 90% sure we'll get two of them. Probably in leather.

DesigningMom on Nov 11, 2010:

So at these prices have you changed your mind yet... back to an accent chair meant for the living room?

I am lovin' the Hudson camel back chair though.


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