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Comments - How To: Bind eBooks or Your Own Printed Documents

DesigningMom on Nov 13, 2010:

Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to turn out to me my first book! created at: 08/04/2010

DesigningMom on Nov 13, 2010:

Thank you Maven.

I was a reading teachers assitant for eight years. It's sad how few books there are that are aimed at these precious children that have difficulty reading. That's who my books will be aimed toward. The books that are available only make it harder for these children to aquire the confidence they need. Since I was just an assistant I wasn't there for parnet teacher conferences or other times when I could have met my students parents. Twice I happened to be in the right place when two of my students brought their parents to me because they wanted them to meet me. One told his parents "this is Mrs...... she taught me to READ!" This little guy didn't even know all the sounds of the alphbet at the beginning of his first grade year and worked only with me because the new reading teacher was nasty (the reason I left assitant teaching) and his parents were going to take him and his older brother out of reading until it was agreed that only I worked with them.

The other was another first grader, a young lady, who searched for me when her Daddy came to have lunch with her. She introduced us and he thanked me, telling me his daughter now looked forward to going to the library to find books to read after school because I took the time to explain to her that there was a book about anything you wanted to read about. She could "be" anyone she wanted to be by picking the right book and "pretending" she was the person the book was about. She could travel anywhere even back or forward in time. With the right book she could do anything, be anything she wanted.

My sister was a reading teacher (in another state) using the Reading Recovery program. We are hoping to do this together. With the internet we can make this happen. I'll also illustrate the books.

It's just a dream now, but I do hope to some day accomplish this.

DIY Maven on Nov 13, 2010:

Very cool, DM!!!!

DesigningMom on Nov 12, 2010:

This is one of my all time favorites Maven. One of these day's I'm going to write a children's book and print bind it myself using this technique.

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