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Comments - Build a Mad Men Bar with Vintage Cocktail Ware and Classic Recipes

Samantha S. on Oct 27, 2010:

I can't wait to try your Hot Toddy recipe! 

I made the Blue Hawaiian recipe from the Tiki Staycation Decor-It-Yourself video at my brother's graduation celebration. The drink went over so well that I hardly had time to party, I was so busy making everyone drinks!

dantimdad on Oct 26, 2010:

My favorite DIY bar is mine!  :)  I took a late 50's console stereo that I found in the trash and the electronics were long missing and gave it the twice over with lemon oil to bring it back to life.  I then mounted a shelf in the lift up portion to put bottles in and keep a mid-century cocktail tray on top with a martini set, high ball glasses and shot glasses on it.

I also made a credenza for my office out of another stereo I bought for $5 at thrift store this kind has the slide to the side lid and I used yaffa blocks to keep things in hidden away inside.


total cost for both:  about $10 and some left over plywood for shelves.

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