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Comments - Show Off Your or Your Kids' Halloween Costume

Kristin on Sep 22, 2012:

Robot boy and hot air balloon girl


DIY Maven on Nov 01, 2010:

Bruno, she's DARLING!! 

bruno on Nov 01, 2010:

Here's this year's costume; she's a garden gnome!

Garden Gnome Halloween Costume

AmyD on Oct 27, 2010:

A Rockford Peach, handmade from scratch

DIY Maven on Oct 21, 2010:

Probably taste like veal.

Chris Gardner on Oct 21, 2010:

@Maven - Only the best and most exotic. I think they're more tender when they're younger...Kinda expensive, I'd imagine, but worth it?

DIY Maven on Oct 21, 2010:

Bruno: That is soooo CUTE! I can't wait to see her as a garden gnome (very Curbly).

Chris: Top Chef uses the most odd ingredients in their challenges, don't they? 

bruno on Oct 20, 2010:

Here's our daughter's from last year (she's giraffe ... a cute giraffe, in case you couldn't tell):

created at: 10/20/2010

This year she's going to be a garden gnome, but the costume's so top-secret, I can't post a picture here. Let's see you costumes!

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