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Comments - How to Be Thrifty: Making a Case for the Brown-Bag Lunch

DesigningMom on Jun 17, 2010:

Kat, you are not only saving money over your hubby's  habits, but are eating so much healthier! Good for you girl!

DIY Maven on Jun 17, 2010:

Kat, you make a VERY good point. For those who don't want to mess with making a sandwich or etc, a frozen option will still be less expensive than going out to eat and--as in the case of Kashi and the like--probably even healthier. 

Kat on Jun 17, 2010:

Oh man I keep trying to drive this point into my husband's brain!!! He is a Burger King fanatic (I on the other hand can't stand it). He can also spend $13 on his own meal at these places. I have added it up before and in 2 weeks he spent $230 on fast food alone!!! That's more than I spend on groceries! Anyway, I have become a fan of the Kashi frozen dinners and since I am always short on time I bring those rather than packing a lunch.

DesigningMom on Jun 16, 2010:

Yes, it sure is.

DIY Maven on Jun 16, 2010:

Yeah, the time is a huge factor too. The time it takes to make your lunch in the morning--or night before--is recouped at lunchtime, when you think about it. 

DesigningMom on Jun 16, 2010:

Back in the day when I did work outside the home I learned very quickly how much money one can spend when eating out. Not just the cost of food, but the gas to get to and from work to buy that lunch. It all added up way to fast for me. My hubby always packs his own lunch and snacks for his day time job and when he umpires.

I think the best way to look at it is one, you're controling what you eat by picking healthier foods than you can get at most restaurants/fast food shops. Two how long do you have to work before you've paid for the cost of your lunch and the gas to get to and from where you buy that lunch. And last, but certainly not least is the time you in travel when you could be having a relaxing lunch chatting with friends/co-workers.

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