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Comments - Shredded Bliss Wall or Art on Canvas Project

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011:

How could I stick it to painted cinder blocks?  Would love that look in parts of my school library.  Thanks for the idea!

decor8 on Jan 18, 2007:

and it really sticks without ruining the drywall?

erika on Jan 18, 2007:

just liquid starch. no water. pour it in a wallpaper tray and use it the same way you would use wallpaper glue. i bought a gallon of the starch for about 4 bucks in the laundry isle of walmart.

megrockstar on Jan 18, 2007:

poo- i just threw out a bazillion matgz but im thinking national geo would be really cool for this

decor8 on Jan 17, 2007:

he he, yes Keter for sure!

Keter on Jan 17, 2007:

Give a whole new meaning to 'bathroom reading.'  ;o)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

decor8 on Jan 17, 2007:

Liquid starch, are you kidding? Well that is cool. Okay, so details, please!

Would you do 1/2 H2O and 1/2 starch (what kind of starch??) or what? Sorry, I'm

not at all familiar with this technique. :)



erika on Jan 17, 2007:

This is a really cool idea! the possablities are endless! And i love the recycle factor!

Here is another idea- liquid starch. You can use liquid starch to hang fabric to your walls and then when your sick of it or if you rent and your mean landlord is doing an inspection, just grab a corner and the panel will easily peel off the wall, without damage and without any visible residue spoiling the paint job. You can even fold and save the removed panels to reuse at your new location if that suits you. I would think this would work for paper as well.

decor8 on Jan 17, 2007:

comic books would be nice. i'm thinking books in the arch + design section... not 'home design' magazines, more on the interior design professional magazines - the architectural mags, art mags, illustration, photography... I bet Japanese newspapers too - or Chinese newspapers. I love how colorful they are and all fonttypes... You can find those in Chinatown's all over the states I imagine...

benmoore on Jan 17, 2007:

I wonder which magazines create the most soothing vs. warm vs. bracing effects ;)  I think I'd try National Geographic before I'd try something like Wired, or how about comic books?..

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