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Comments - 175 Uses for Naturally Fresh White Vinegar

Anonymous on Jan 10, 2015:

Great to put on ticks to remove them & suffocate the tick.

Anonymous on Dec 27, 2014:

Since vinegar is an acid, it will dissolve hard water deposits around your faucets.

Linda Hazimi on Aug 26, 2013:

I Love IT

Terry on Jul 06, 2013:

In between the glass in the door

Terry on Jul 06, 2013:

How do you clean in between the glass on a over stove micro?

Gram on Jul 01, 2013:

Vinegar is also good: rinse cycle for towels, rinse aide in dishwasher, use to clean floors, windows, put a little in your handheld steamer for cleaning bathrooms, etc, etc

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2013:

It's great as a creme rinse too after washing your hair gets out all of the build up in your hair from shampoo's and sprays and hair products you use. Also I had a sore in my scalp and had a time of healing it..not sure why I had it but when I rinsed my hair in vinegar and water mixture the sore was healed and never returned. Oh and No you don't smell like vinegar when you use it as a rinse after you rinse with the mixture then rinse in plain water and your set to go...smiles...oh &  it's a great go green house cleaner for just about anything too. Also since using it as a rinse I've noticed my finger nails are going and healthy now too, never could get them to grow much before they would be soft and split before. So....Vinegar is great for just about any thing you can think of. I love it...even to put on spinach too.

CHRISTINE on Mar 07, 2012:

if you make citrus vinegar cleaner you can use that for a fresh citrus smell

Dionysus Beauty on Dec 09, 2011:

Definitely stopping by the store for some vinegar now, great post, thanks for the tips!:)

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 11, 2009:

Veggiemomma-I know. I was surprised how well it worked. I'm with you, I'm not crazy about the smell of vinegar but it hasn't been too bad.

Veggiemomma on Aug 11, 2009:

Totally a GREAT method. I've been using this method to clean my microwave for a long time. Including a couple days ago when I got my old one out of storage and it was moldy--eww!! Microwaved vinegar + water for TEN mintues, to be sure, then wiped it all out--not even a smell--except the smell of vinegar!

Another tip is to add grapefuit essential oil (or another kind) to mask the vinegar smell. Works great.

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