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Comments - Jonesing for Stainless

megrockstar on Mar 19, 2007:

i love this


Keter on Jan 11, 2007:

Also see LOTS of exotic paints, veneers, etc.

I'll be using their "FX Sheeting" in my kitchen re-do this summer for sure.

Cracker on Jan 11, 2007:

Very cool. I tried a similar product in my old house on the built-in dishwasher and trash compactor - it worked GREAT. It definitely takes a little patience to apply, but I was very happy with the results. What I liked about this was that the finish is completely smooth and I didn't have to paint anything.

sparkie on Jan 11, 2007:

Has anyone out there tried this........Liquid Stainless Steel?

jcarracher on Jan 11, 2007:

That's pretty interesting. I wonder what it looks like for real...

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