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Comments - How to Make a Folded-Paper CD Case

Av's on Dec 29, 2014:

I actually thought step five was good, it was steep 7 that was REALLY unclear. Ears? There were too many things that could have been ears and nothing was labeled...

Ben Weeks on May 29, 2013:

Yes! Awesome.

Jeffrey Li on May 21, 2013:

Steps 5-7 are to make the case more springy and shock-resistent, IMHO.

r127m on Apr 11, 2013:

Great idea! thanks so much!

Anonymous on Feb 18, 2013:

Step 5 is maddeningly unhelpful. At least to someone with no experience with.. well, folding, like me.

Tina on Jan 29, 2013:

Thanks.  I just posted a wanted on my Freecycle for CD cases/covers.  I just made my own.  Dont know why I didnt look on Pinterest first.  Easy to Make also.  Thanks again.

Jessica on Jan 10, 2013:

How Much, around Does It Cost To Make It?

old fool on Dec 16, 2012:

Quite useful. Thanks!

Lugosi on Dec 15, 2012:

I created one almost like this, but I like yours much better :) Thank you!

Anonymous on Dec 07, 2012:

This is wonderful

Emily on Oct 09, 2012:

Thank you for this- it's been so useful for all the layabout DVDs and CDs that seem to have lost their cases- and it's a great space saver too!

katgo on Sep 24, 2012:

your art is very useful and it saves money ., thanks a lot

katgo on Sep 24, 2012:

your art is very useful and it saves money ., thanks a lot

Matt on Jun 19, 2012:

what are actually steps 5-7 for???

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2012:

I have used this SO many times thank you SO much for posting this it is AMAZING!!!

Chong on Jun 01, 2012:

You could actually skip steps 5-7

Anonymous on May 12, 2012:

Fantabulous! I just did up some "record" save the dates for a wedding and we were trying to come up with something a bit more personalized for them, this will be fantastic! Thank you for the stroake of genioussoun

Rain on Feb 26, 2012:

Oh what an absoloutely excellent idea.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I believe I will make this my weekend project next week. 

dany on Feb 08, 2012:

good job...i love green..

thnx for idea

AnnoyingMyself on Jan 27, 2012:

OMG!!!!!!! Awesome

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2012:

Hello strangers

Jake13 on Dec 26, 2011:


Paper Nut on Dec 12, 2011:

I tried it and it works.  Thanks.

Samuel T. on Nov 19, 2011:

I knew this existed for a long time and I finally found a need to make one.
I have no idea why, but when I finished, it made me smile. Just something so small made my day. It's pretty funny. So thanks :P

sam on Sep 14, 2011:

this is a very good example and the steps wasnt so hard either...thanks

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