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Comments - How To: Make a Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

Chris Gardner on Oct 26, 2018:

@Horus - That's an awesome idea. Are the cutting boards only 1/8" thick?

Horus on Oct 25, 2018:

My saw is an ancient Sears model with about a 1/8" height from lip to table top. Due to challenges keeping wood inserts intact, I started to make mine out of plastic cutting boards. Cheap and stabile. With a bit less flex than thin plywood. Works like a charm.

John on Jun 29, 2018:

Chris that would be great.
I imagine that I could remove the riving knife to make the plate and then extend the slot wit a router. I suppose that zero tolerance isn't necessary so long as the full diameter of the blade is covered.

Chris Gardner on Jun 28, 2018:

Hey John - This is an old saw (and old post) and mine didn't have a riving knife. I have since upgraded saws, and understand their importance. A new version of this post should include content about installing a splitter.

John on Jun 28, 2018:

What did you do with the riving blade?

Jim on Jan 20, 2018:

Double sided tape!!?? Aren't all tapes double sided? Some are even double stick!!

Jim Brown on Dec 26, 2017:

Step 5 should be first. You need a small Brad in the outfeed side of the back arc to prevent lifting. You should use material that is slightly thinner and drill 4 holes for levelling screws. These screws are set screws that go above the tabs that the insert rests on. Now you are ready to cut.

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