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Comments - Nick and Norah Paper Flower CD Case

Anonymous on Dec 16, 2011:

normallooking: this is old but thanks so much! using your template

lilybee on Apr 23, 2010:

Kerry, that would be great! Just give a shout if there's anything else you need.

Erin (lilybee)

Mackenzie on Dec 10, 2009:

Hi there! I am a photographer and I have been racking my brain and the internet to find an inexpensive but cute way to package my cd's for my clients. This is perfect! So creative, and cute to boot! Thanks so much for posting this!


mAY on May 02, 2009:

This is so great.  I make powerpoints on natural history and related presentations, and never can find the right case.  These are perfect! 



Sukkigoh Bill on Apr 29, 2009:

great work.. ! thanks for sharing ~

lilybee on Nov 06, 2008:

Now, that's just cool. Good job Normalooking.

normalooking on Nov 06, 2008:

i have no idea where my protractor is so i made a template in illustrator.


print at 169.5% (788 x 856 pixels) on two pieces of letter-size paper, tile together and rotate to get all the petals.

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