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DIY Maven on Nov 25, 2008:

Thanks Esther! Always appreciate a shout out :)

The Finishing Touch on Nov 25, 2008:

Enjoyed the post. There are so many creative ways to spruce up roller shades; it's actually a fairly common question. Thanks for drawing attention to it. I mention your post on my blog, The Finishing Touch, today. Take a look!




DIY Maven on Oct 14, 2008:

Of course; reference away! Please note, however, that the original content came from

NewBlinds on Oct 14, 2008:

Hey there,

I think this is the second time I've commented on one of your articles today.

These roller blinds look great, and if it's ok I'd like to reference your article in our guide to blinds blog? I think it'll be great for our readers to see what can be done to spruce up an existing blinds quite inexpensively, I presume. 

I hope you don't mind if I contribute another idea. I'll reference a product on our UK website, but obviously I'm sure you'll be able to find more "local" suppliers.

The product I'm talking about are picture blinds. We digitally print our clients' artwork or photography on a made to measure roller blinds. Ok, so it's not strictly a DIY product in the build it from scratch sense, but for those with artistic flair, or a good collection of photos... and a sense of adventure, there is an opportunity to create a blind that is truely unique.  

Also, as much as I like IKEA for value and style - I would always suggest shopping round on the internet for good value blinds. Competition's so fierce out there that there are plenty of great bargains, specifically on ready made blinds like you'll see in IKEA, but you'll also find that it's often not that much more expensive to by a blind which is made to your measurements - so there's no need to do the fiddley work of trimming down a blind!

Thanks! Great post again. Tim

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