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Comments - Curbly Video Podcast: Build Your Own Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse

Matt on Jul 18, 2016:

Thanks Chris--a friend of mine wants to make it. She's not a wood worker, so I thought I'd lay it out as plainly as possible for her. I'll just mock one up in a CAD program and get it close using the measurements you did share. We'll definitely post a picture if she does make it.

Chrisjob on Jul 18, 2016:

Hi Matt - Unfortunately, I can't share that info. I gave this to a friend years ago as a gift, so I dont have it around to check those measurements. (I made this in 2008) But those vertical members are truly decorative, so, once you have your entry hole drilled, you could just place them it a spot that looks right, and then set your spacing that way.

Good luck! Please share a photo if you actually make this.


Matt on Jul 18, 2016:

Thanks. Can you tell us how far the 6.5" tall decorative piece is from the left side of the birdhouse? Also, is the 6.5" piece lined up with the center of the birdhouse? Thanks again.

CAE on Oct 07, 2013:

Nice post, clean site too!

Joshua on Dec 02, 2012:

Man, This is way cool! Totally gonna make a bunch of these as christmas presents this year

Jett L on Nov 28, 2011:

I have been searching the net for a great bird house. My daughter has a topsy turvy that has been converted to a home for a bird and though the bird frequents the turvy, we fear its not durable for the weather about to come. I will be sure to post pictures of this birds new home. Thank you and keep up the good work. Wood, lol would you happen to have any ideas on how to assemble a hanging plant stand for my plants as well? I have a huge front window and need a nice hanging mechanism to hang in the window with my plants on it, due to a certain pet that snacks on my plants thats why i'd like it up  hanging. Ty again enjoy your coming Holidays!!!!

oriolejoe on Jun 02, 2011:

I have a hunch that the birds populating my yard are great fans of modern architecture. Why else would they be sticking their beaks up at the square houses I've been making?  I think the selection of the type of wood for this project is going to vary depending on the meteorological temperament of your area. Comparing the environmental factors against a moisture tester may lead you to the best type of wood for the project. The last thing you want is for moisture, or the lackthereof, to shorten the life of your birdhouse.

Mike, good advice on the glue, I haven't looked into that on previous houses I've made, but with the time investment for this project I would want to ensure product longevity.

Anonymous on Dec 12, 2010:

 This is the coolest!  My daughter and I are making one for a Christmas gift and we were looking for something a little more stylish than the average birdhouse.  Thank you!

suzyrenovator on Sep 13, 2008:

I love it!  Will be posting a link to this on my gardening site, 2greenthumbsup.  People are always looking for diy birdhouse plans.

Thank you!

creede on Aug 27, 2008:

Brilliant!  Great design and great video, I'm Very impressed.  I featured you over at Grassrootsmodern, I hope you don't mind.  I have some extra plywood hanging around, and I think I may have to do this little project.

MikeKunkel on Aug 26, 2008:

Be aware that baltic birch plywood may, or may not be weather resistant. The wood itself is fairly weather resistant. The glue on the other can can be a different story.

Plywoods typically use one of two types of glue to bond the multiple layers together.

The more common glue to be used is a urea formaldehyde glue, which is not rated for exterior use. It will stand up to certain amounts of moisture (it stands up to the moisture produced in most bathrooms), but the layers of the plywood will begin to seperate after being exposed to too much moisture.

The other glue typically used is a phenolic resin glue. It is rated for exterior use because of its moisture and heat resistance.

Unless you ask for plywood that has been rated for exterior use, you will almost always get plywood that is only for interior use.

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