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Comments - Step-by-Step Upholstered Cushion for Everywhere in Your Home

Christi on Oct 30, 2015:

Love this tutorial! What kind of fabric did you use for this? It looks so crisp and wrinkle-free. I'm hoping it is machine washable...?



Kathy on May 16, 2014:

Do you pre wash your fabric? Or can it just be steam ironed for shrinkage?

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2013:

Do you have a how to video showing the steps to make this cushion?

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2013:

What is the meaning of BOXING? Please explain

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2013:

What is the meaning of boxing? Please explain

cheryl on May 12, 2012:

Is the band around the cushion cut with the grain or against the grain? 


Anonymous on Feb 23, 2012:

how do I keep the cover from shifting?  I've used piping, but the cover shifts around on the cushion so the piping ends up all awry on the cushion.  It gets a lot of use and jumping around on, and it looks not so great.  The cushions are covered, and the cover has a zipper, but it's really awkward to mess around with (its a huge cushion).  Any ideas?

Barb on Apr 13, 2011:

to help it slide into cover, do you have to use?

ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 04, 2008:

The front piece of boxing is 54" long, the front of the cushion is 40" long so I had fourteen inches left over.  Divide that by 2 and seven inches were left over for each side.  The zipper is also 40" and goes across the whole back of the cushion.  If your cushion is shorter, you'll have more inches to wrap around.  Get it?  Good luck and you'll be so proud.

yeye_joijoi on Apr 04, 2008:

Thanks for the tips. I'm just going through all the steps and trying to translate the measurments for my own cushions. Is there a reason you wrapped the front around 7" on each side? I mean, how did you determine the number value? Or is it just a good starting point aand not really based on any ratio necessarily? Also --- the backpiece is the same length as the front?

ModHomeEcTeacher on Apr 04, 2008:

I personally don't like cording either.  This was for my nephew's room and it needed some contrast.

What you can do is leave the piping out, just stitch the boxing to the cushion top (and then to the bottom) To make it look really professional, after you stitch the boxing to the cushion top and bottom, turn your cushion cover right side out and do a TOPSTITCH 1/4" away from the seam, on the TOP of the cushion, making sure the seam allowance underneath is folded towards the top, so that your topstitching will "catch" when you are sewing on the top.  Stitching that seam allowance in place by doing the topstitch gives it a nice, professional and modern look--I love it.  Be sure to keep your stitching really straight--You'll love it too!!!  Add a comment if you get stuck.

yeye_joijoi on Apr 04, 2008:

Well I know what I'm doing this weekend..... though I'm pretty scared!!

Is there some kind of alternative to the piping? I really find it tacky.... but I see that it helps keep the form. Hmm....

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