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Comments - The Amazing Staircase

csueyoungster on Jun 09, 2012:

People, these stairs don't go anywhere except to the top of the bookshelf.  It's just an unused, 2-story space....  think old elevator shaft...  So no worries about carrying your laundry up.  Doesn't need carpet, you won't be running up the stairs, you will be slowly browsing, lookin' for a good read.  In fact, their should be a padded nook with maybe an aquarium imbeded for interest and light, maybe some Antonio Jobim piped in....

dla on May 02, 2012:

^wow :o

Jennifer on Mar 19, 2012:

This stair case is truly a work of art.

I am sure that the architect was not intending everyone to go out and do this with their staircase....haters. It looks like the owner of this home has made a lifestyle choice. Just like people who live in restored barns, water towers or straw bale homes don't expect the average suburbanite to be able to adopt the lifestyle they can still show it with pride and expect a level of appreciation for the art they call home.

Ps. Firman you live in a home with a metal staircase? Most of us out there live in a home with wooden stairs covered with carpet and run picture frames up the walk through to add a charming homey feel which are all.......combustibles

warren on Jul 30, 2011:

I LOVE the idea, but my only concerns are the edges of each step because I prefer to run up stairs, and everyone has to take a tumble some time, and the edges would hurt a lot.  Also, if a visitor doesn't remove their shoes or you come inside from a torrential downpour your books will get wet/covered in dirt... I will definitely implement this idea when I get a house, but I'm going to have some issues to resolve

gizem on May 12, 2011:

i liked it, but , sorry i couldnt understand sth. what about are you thinking about the riser height ? it seems like it isnt optimal.

craftyjs on Mar 15, 2011:

A real work of "ART" I am so thrilled to see this, thank you

I Play Outside The Box on Feb 28, 2011:


GG on Dec 09, 2010:

I love it!! I also love some of the amazing ideas for tweaks such as some beveled hand holes strategically placed and some nonslip material on the walking surfaces. As far as the haters go- my library orginization would confound and confuse any but me and organizing by height within other categories is something I do.

Anonymous on Aug 07, 2010:

Looks like the books were chosen to compliment the stairs instead of the other way around, my library would definitely not fit. On the bright side if you fell down them you would have lots of books close at hand to help treat your injuries.

elseajane on Jul 19, 2010:

I have a stair case just waiting. But after the Kitchen and Bath. Soon...

Anonymous on May 08, 2010:

hand holes would be nice

Firman Bill on Apr 20, 2010:

Nothing like adding a great deal of combustables to the  exit way

Anonymous on Sep 26, 2009:

Good thing all books are the same height!


SRWA on Sep 22, 2009:


Anonymous on Sep 04, 2009:

it awesome but i wonder about the space that is behind there. much is wasted. now if this was a pull out staircase it would be another story...

optimist on Mar 27, 2008:

Great idea for the books. But. I know those off-set steps are not unusual, but I can't really take to them, I have visions of coming down them half asleep or carrying an armful of laundry. They look a bit polished too. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned!

alexisgt on Mar 13, 2008:

Hi Hon, We should get this in our next home. It would solve our book issue.

Modcraft on Feb 20, 2008:

yes, pretty gd nice indeed.  my building inspector would be flummoxed to say the least.  he had a hard time with spray insulation.

_jpix_ on Feb 18, 2008:

Wow that is really cool. Would be a pretty fun DIY project.

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