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Comments - How to make a WiFi extender using this FREE download!

Anonymous on Jan 03, 2013:

you are a fuck ass hole bitch spent 100 pound on this crap

wifi extender on Dec 05, 2010:

Thats a really useful info for DIY a wifi extender. But for me a lazy man, I just buy a Hawking wifi extender to enhancing signal in my house.

edgar on Jan 14, 2008:

Building or rebuilding a house? Just found this:



edgar on Jan 13, 2008:

Glad to be useful!


sparkie on Jan 13, 2008:

ThAnks...Just what I was looking for!!

edgar on Jan 11, 2008:

Glad you've liked it. Yes, as I keep telling people, sometimes easier is better.

About simple solutions, did you know you can make a Bike frame out of Bamboo and Carbon, at your home?

DIY Maven on Jan 11, 2008:

Edgar...thanks for the link. That is a great site!! (I love the poor man's lathe!) I am really impressed by my difference in signal strength. I did not check the numbers, but the message on my laptop went from low to very good. Amazing--and with just some paper and tin foil!!

edgar on Jan 11, 2008:

 Hi, Maven!

Didn't knew about your Wi-fi problems, fixed mine with a PC speaker case that was kinda parabolic on the back side, lined that with aluminium foil, and put the wee small wifi thinghy inside! :D

Done so, inspired by this guy, a Teacher from New Zealand with a Sitefull of Wi-fi DIY How tos:

You can learn about him, on the page I've made, in

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