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Comments - Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

imcrafty on Dec 21, 2007:



thanks sooooo much for that link!!!  



imcrafty on Dec 17, 2007:

Hey Maven... if bruno's wws isn't interested I AM!!!!!!  my room is in total black and white, so this would be perfecto!


i've been scouring the internet for printable patterns and havent found any :-( 

DIY Maven on Dec 14, 2007:

If WWS is interested, I got a duplicate box of stuff from them in the mail yesterday. I be happy to get it to you/her; just let me know!

bruno on Dec 14, 2007:

Wow, looks like a very cool project. The final product looks very sharp and professional. Will have to forward this one to my WWS (woman-with-scissors).

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