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Comments - Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2012:

I tried this with foam board and a thin layer of glue/water mix, and my boards bent up when they dried. Like the corners of the board turned up. Make sure you use a VERY VERY thin layer if you use this type of adhesive.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012:

It seems that this would also work with fabric with the spray adhesive.  Can be inexpensive if you visit the scrap section of the fabric store.

Melanie on Jan 18, 2012:

perhaps you could laminate the paper first - easy to do at kinkos...

Kelly on Jan 14, 2012:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I did try this project with slighly different materieals though.  I didn't have any kind of glue that would not wrinkle so I was digging through the garage and found spray adhesive that is used to reattach the overhead fabric to the roof of the car and decided to give it a go.  Worked excellent!  its a very tacky glue and dries very quickly.  It sprays kind of chunky so i just went around the edges and pulled the paper tight.  It looks great!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2012:

I used double sided around all the edges for attaching the paper. Worked great and was really quick. Best part...not messy =)

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012:

i use modgepodge for everything!! works great..drys great.  you can get in matte or glossy finish.  I havent tried on styrofoam but it doesnt negatively affect paper (doesnt bubble or anything).. just be careful with your work area.  Once it drys (on a craft table) its really hard to get off!

Kelly on Jan 06, 2012:

remember those metal brackets used to hold three holed punch papers?  Punch a hole in the paper around the edges and use a bracket to hold the paper to the styrofoam.  Will probably need some glue to hold them in place.  But it would give the appearance of furniture nail.  You can paint the brackets or leave them bronze colored.  Or maybe even bedazzle them.  No worries about wrinkles from glue!

DIY Maven on Oct 27, 2011:

@Melina--Maybe, but I'd experiment first with a small piece of paper on the back. I'd hate to try it on the entire front of the styrofoam only to find out it still rippled!

Melina on Oct 26, 2011:

What if you brushed the tacky glue onto the styrofoam so its a super thin layer? Would that work? I can't wait to do this. :D


Allison on Apr 05, 2011:

This is a great idea, though I agree with you that rippling of paper from glue would drive me bonkers.  One idea, maybe if the paper was a bit bigger than the styrofoam pieces, you could fold the edges over a little bit and glue (or pin) the edge of the paper to the edges of the styrofoam, and then you wouldn't need any glue on the front of the piece at all, or just a thin layer of spray adhesive.  Also it could cover the tiny gap left by the ribbon...  I can see this project working really well with fabric too, since that would wrap easily, and this seems a lot cheaper than purchasing canvas frames to wrap in fabric, which is another project you often see floating around the craft world.

Max on Feb 27, 2010:

I would like to see some of these pieces of furniture in my living room ;)

Emma on Jan 08, 2010:

This is such a great Idea, I have been looking for a fun simple project to do for the walls in what is soon to be the nursery of my home. I think this will be the perfect project, especially because I can do it pretty cheaply then when our little one grows up and wants to re do her room we wont be out tons of money. Thanks for the ideas can't wait to try it!

phd in yogurtry on Nov 08, 2009:

Great timing. My daughters are pushing for a bedroom decor upgrade.  This might be just the ticket.  

DIY Maven on Jun 19, 2009:

Hey Darla. I wasn't given an example of those, but, if I remember correctly, the orange flowers were actually photographic images. Where you could buy them, I have no idea. Sorry. 

Darla on Jun 19, 2009:

Can you PLEASE tell me when I can buy the orange flower paper.  It's exactly what I have been looking for.  Thanks!

DIY Maven on Oct 01, 2008:

They actually gave that one as an example of using photos. However, there is scrapbook paper that has the appearance of photographs. Usually it has a nature theme–like water, grass, sand and flowers. I’m not sure if I’ve seen purple flowers, but there’s probably some out there!

wrichards on Oct 01, 2008:

I'm liking the middle example with the flowers.  Any suggestions on what they used for this?  I would love to find some purple flowers for my kitchen. . .

fabulouslygreen on Feb 18, 2008:

Ingenious and gorgeous as usual!



LenkArt on Jan 10, 2008:

I like Black and White ones. because I just love those colours. I probably will try to do some for my space.


ravenmaden on Jan 10, 2008:

Wow, love it.  I made pillows for my living room out of that SAME polka fabric.  :P

ZolaClaire on Jan 10, 2008:

All ripples aside, this looks very impressive and it seems to be a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact.  Kudos

DIY Maven on Dec 22, 2007:

Those prints didn't come in my promo package, but it's on this page. It's called Just Add Salt. Actually, all the prints used in the example are on that page.

imcrafty on Dec 22, 2007:

okay one more question (sorry!):   where do you get the damask print (top middle square) ?

I couldn't find it in the Luxe section; and a search for "black and white" for the whole site didn't yield that pattern...   thanks!!!

DIY Maven on Dec 21, 2007:

Glad to help!

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