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Comments - Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

Cathy on Apr 01, 2012:

I just made this for my niece who's moving into her first place and doesn't have a lot of money to spend.  It looks incredible!  I used cardboard instead of styrofoam, a friend works in a fabricating shop and die cut 12" squares for me, which I spray glued 5 together.  Then I added the scrapbook paper and ribbon.  I"ll be going over there tomorrow to help hang them and can't wait to see how they look on the wall.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea!!

jamie on Mar 28, 2012:

I really liked this idea, so I went to Hobby Lobby and I bought two 12 x 36 x 1 pieces of styrofoam, spray adhesive, ribbon, and a pack of 12 x 12 card stock. I cut each piece of styrofoam into three 12 x 12 pieces. It turned out GREAT. You are correct - the spray adhesive works great and the paper doesn't wrinkle!

Frieda on Mar 24, 2012:

Use Spray Mount from the art store, place art on it, cover it with a piece of paper, smooth out wrinkles and bubble (use a ROLLER if you need to!) and then cut the foam. 

DIY Maven on Mar 13, 2012:

@Anon: styro, good; canvas, better, MDF, best. IMO. MDF is the cheapest and incredibly stable (so you can use a brayer to get the surface smooth). 

Anonymous on Mar 12, 2012:

I've seen this type of thing done with glueing scrapbook paper on canvas.  Any benefits or downfalls of using foam, styrofoam, or canvas ?  Trying to figure out the best base!


Mindy on Mar 06, 2012:

I did this and used scrapbook paper on foam core.  I hot glued a pop tab to the back to hang them. 

shelly on Mar 05, 2012: orange flowers....where could i get this paper


DIY Maven on Mar 04, 2012:

@Tish--That could be very cool. The Mod Podge COULD kinda soak through and highlight the texture of the styrofoam, which, again, might look cool!

Tish on Mar 03, 2012:

Would you be able to decopauge over the paper to give it a different look/feel?

Tameks on Feb 23, 2012:

Maybe you should try brushing the glue on and that could help with the rippling of the paper. It came out beautiful though.

Anonymous on Feb 20, 2012:

Wood, not would.

Lauren on Feb 17, 2012:

So me and My husband did this last night but instead of Styrofoam i had him make me 12x12 cut out of would and we used spray adhesive and let me tell you.... Thay seriously look amazing i love them... Thanks so much for this!!

Sandy on Feb 07, 2012:

I think it really depends on your wall color as to how good the pattern will look.  Keep that in mind when your chosing your paper, makes a huge difference if you place the black and white collection on a white wall vs a green wall vs a pink wall, etc.

DIY Maven on Feb 07, 2012:

@ Amy--FOAM CORE!! That's a GREAT idea!! Also, if people wanted their art a bit thicker (the Styro in the example was almost 1") they could easily glue a few pieces together. 

Amy on Feb 07, 2012:

Loved this idea!  I ended up cutting 10x10 squares from foam core, which has paper over the styrofoam, so I used rubber cement which doesn't cause the warping.  However, you can't use rubber cement directly on styrofoam so it has to be foam core.  I used 12x12 scrapbook paper, folded the edges over and held it with duct tape on the back.  It looks awesome!  Thank you for the idea!

Anonymous on Feb 06, 2012:

What exact paper is the black and white scrapbooking paper called and where can it be bought?


Samantha on Feb 05, 2012:

Thanks a lot. I finished mine this weekend. I did not use the MDF as I had a few health concerns on cutting the MDF. I used foam board and those also came out beautifully. Unfortunately I could not lay my hands on a spray adhesive so it is a bit rippled, but really not that noticable. I totally love the finished look....Thank you once again for the amazing idea.

anonymous on Jan 30, 2012:

We made these this weekend!  We used fabric paint for the edges instead of ribbon. I think that made it look much neater. I was worried of the ribbon coming off. We also used spray adhesive instead of the  clumpy glue and it worked awesome!  Hobby Lobby has a 4 pack for 10.99.  It's not 12 x 12 but very 10 x 12. The strips that we cut off the paper to fit the styrofoam we picked our favorites and used them as the center piece. We layed them all out in a row and it looks awesome! Great craft idea!

Anonymous on Jan 29, 2012:

How did you do the vases?

DIY Maven on Jan 26, 2012:

@Samantha...JoAnn's has them for about $5 a piece. However, if you really want to save cash, I'd opt for MDF. You'd have to cut it down to size, but it's super cheap. A 2' x 4' x 3/4" piece will run you around 9 dollars. So that's 8 - 12" x 12" squares for about $1.15 a square. I'd also put a coat of paint or primer over the squares before I glue down the paper/fabric/photos. I'd also probably use hot glue to glue on the ribbons around the edges. But, yeah, MDF would be the most cost effective way to go.

Samantha on Jan 26, 2012:

This is a real great idea. But could you please tell me where to buy the styrofoam from? I looked it up in Amazon and found out that 1 costs around $ 17..


anonymous on Jan 26, 2012:

What brand is that scrapbook paper please??


Kate on Jan 24, 2012:

i want to know where you got those specific black and white scrapbook pages?! it just looks so great and everything i find and try to put together just doesnt look right


Anonymous on Jan 23, 2012:

I did it using ribbon(s) on the whole thing. LOVE IT! Thanks for the idea.

Rhonda Nixon on Jan 21, 2012:

I like the idea. What would happen if one played up the ripples by "antiqueing" the pieces or dry brushing them with a stain. Maybe by cutting down two sides of the syrofoam could solve the edge problem.  My real question is how do you get on the list from Dow? 

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