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Comments - How to Make a Girl Pirate Costume

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2014:

Excellent tutorial!!

Silver on Oct 26, 2013:

A substitute for leather when making your corset,  would maybe be a dark black denim. Just an idea. I know this will definitely work better than a pleather, or imitation leather. Of course black suede would work wonderfully.  Basicly, a sturdy fabric choice is needed here or the corset will not stay put, and/or your "eyelets/ lace holes "  will tear. I realize this is in answer to an older  question, but I thought it may still help someone out, in a "pinch". Happy Halloween. :)

Hatergirl101 on Jul 05, 2013:

Where the hell am I gonna get a cheap pair of leather pants?

linda on Aug 02, 2012:

Keep your eye out for a pair of leather pants at salvation army or goodwill. Check out the make your own pirate hat and corset. I want to try and do this for Morgan. We picked up a button down shirt today from goodwill : )

Stacy May on Apr 29, 2012:

I hope that it works! Maybe I can pull it off! Really excited to try! Thanks thanks thanks!

MSH on Oct 25, 2011:


Yes, use vinyl, fleece, or any other material that won't fray or unravel.  Use a stronger fabric the tighter you plan to tie it and the longer you want it to last... it is possible to rip through almost any fabric, especially when you've just cut holes in it. Go to a thrift shop or to the remnant bin of your local fabric store and see what you turn up.

Anonymous on Oct 25, 2011:

Is there anything else you can use for a corset???? i dont have any leather

Samantha U. on Jul 17, 2011:

I love you video. I am making this for my daughter. Should the shirt fit when you buy it? and the pants, should they be big, for more material? Thank you .

Ashley on Oct 23, 2010:

Well, any other tips? ;-P

Ashley on Oct 23, 2010:

Thanks for the help but IDK if I can do that by thursday for school


Cherishe on Sep 25, 2010:

That is AWESOME! I've been trying to find an easy way to make a good-looking pirate hat for ages! Thanks :D

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