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Comments - "Lite Green" Ottoman Made From Repurposed Wooden Spool

Faynilla on Aug 31, 2008:

LOVE LOVE IT! i am bookmarking this page in the MUST do section!

ausetkmt on May 15, 2008:

Fabulous Indeed !

island_girl_salvage on Oct 09, 2007:

This is great I love the fabric chose You have an incredible sense.   I have not gotten to my coffee table yet but your directions are great

ModHomeEcTeacher on Oct 08, 2007:

DIY Maven-Thanks for you comment.  I am honored you like it.  Remember, those spools come in all different sizes if you can get one right before they trash them.  Also, a hassock/ottoman with tiny little wheels is great, too. 

DIY Maven on Oct 08, 2007:

OMG...too absolutely freakin' cool!!

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