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Comments - Five New Year's Commitments that Will Make Your Home a Happy Place

HelloLidy on Jan 03, 2017:

@troutay Such a great plan! The whole "less is best" is such a great mindset going into 2017. I am sick of having useless stuff around - best of luck with everything!!


HelloLidy on Jan 03, 2017:

judy h. So inspiring :) Thanks for sharing! I feel the exact same way about our home, so I truly wish you all the luck in the world!!


judy h. on Jan 03, 2017:

Even if my house ends up looking almost bare, I'm getting rid of everything, rugs, window coverings, lighting fixtures, furniture, decor accents and art that I don't absolutely love. I am painting every room I've been wanting to paint for the past five years and repainting the rooms I painted with colors that didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped.
I don't want to have everything be brand new, some of my most favorite things in my home are pieces I purchased at flea markets or second hand. My husband can take the most impossible wreck of a piece of furniture and turn it into a treasure. I've got some projects for him.
I realized last fall how long I've been walking arounf myself and saying to myself, 'I don't like that, i wish I hadn't of bought that, that room needs painting so badly, I despise that couch' and other disparaging remarks about my home. Even though I mean every one of them, I just move on until those thoughts strike me again. This year...ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Wish me luck!

troutay on Dec 30, 2016:

My husband and I are planning a purge. We intend to set a date as if we are selling and have to move. That way, we have an end date to work on things. As I get older, I realize that the "less is best" thought process is the right one. We will age and rather than having my children have to sort things out, I will do it in advance.

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