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Comments - Our Front Porch Was in Seriously Bad Shape ... Now, We Can't Spend Enough Time Out There

Robert on Nov 10, 2016:

Love this. How much did it physically cost in products. I understand the time you needed to put in is different

bruno on Nov 09, 2016:

Hey @no good - would you mind e-mailing me ( with some details (like, where you saw the ad, what device you were on)? This really shouldn't be happening, and I'd like to track it down and fix it.

No Good on Nov 09, 2016:

New target ad plays on replay and blocks content. Disappointed.

troutay on Nov 08, 2016:

Beautiful arts and crafts home!

Heidi on Nov 07, 2016:

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Alice on Nov 07, 2016:

That's a nice makeover! Looks cozy

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