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Comments - 25 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

Anonymous on May 27, 2015:

It helps to lubricate folding blades and clean up high carbon steel blades, with the use of scrap wool clothing garments. For those allergic to petroleum products.

Anonymous on May 06, 2013:

In biblical times and before, The only oil in common use wasw olive oil.  It was used for heat, lighting cosmetics, cooking and I suppose even the lubrication of wheels and hinges  annointing and conditioning of the Roman solder's sheilds and all other leather goods.

Anonymous on May 03, 2013:

what about the smell specially in hair? and the oily feel on the skin?

TT007 on Apr 01, 2013:

"What's a 'Personal Lubricant' (No. 20)???"


A sexual aid like KY jelly.

Aldi on Apr 01, 2013:

What's a 'Personal Lubricant' (No. 20)???

sobia mehmood on Jan 12, 2013:

how can i buy oilve oil for skin i am from pakistan how can i know about the olive face brands?


Kelly on Nov 20, 2012:

When I gave birth to my 10 pound son, I was having serious trouble (3 hours of pushing) getting my son to come out, and one of the nurses ran to the break area where they had a kitchen and grabbed a gallon jug of olive oil and sure enough, she squirted it all over me and within minutes my son was born.  When they put him on the scale that same nurse said loudly, "NO WONDER!"

SurOl on Aug 18, 2012:

I love this blog, will recommend to everyone loving this kind of blog, congratulations ...

celinda on May 20, 2012:

i use olive oil for almost everything.  i became aware of the use of olive oil in my church at a young age it was used by the minister as a anointing oil for healing and prayer.  i used it on my stomach  during pregnancy for all  5 of my children and didn't have one stretch mark. 

Anonymous on Apr 18, 2012:

I do take baths with olive oil in my bath water at least twice a week and I do not measure it, I pour it straight from the bottle from the kitchen.  I have noticed it leaves my skin glowing and soft and my joints are not so sore afterwards.  I will have to try the teaspoon before my workouts on a daily basis, at least for 7-days and see if it helps with weight loss:)  Thanks all for your input, it helps to hear all sides.

Anonymous on Apr 12, 2012:

if you use olive oil spread through your hair, turn your head upside down for 4 miutes and take a shower scrubbing your head, it will give your hair fast growth results

Anonymous on Mar 20, 2012:


Anonymous on Mar 01, 2012:

I use olive oil and table salt mix on my face nightly (later rinse off salt and leave the oil on my face). My face has not felt this soft in years (after washing it off the next morning) . Love it!

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2012:

what about hair growth on the face? I am really concerned about that.. and a little unsure about using it as a face or skin cleanser.. also.. is this the same EV Olive oil that is available in the cooking oil section in grocery stores or is there a different kind for the skin and hair..? :S 

Smarter than the average bear on Feb 12, 2012:

Don't listen to the guy posing as a "vet" down there, he gives potentially deadly advice. Mineral oil is a petroleum biproduct, and has been linked to a lot of health problems, which is why a lot of cosmetic companies are getting rid of why would you let your cat INGEST it? Olive oil is what my vet recommended for my cats' hairballs and to restore my rescue dog's coat and it worked great, I just had to hide the smell. Fish oil works better though, especially salmon oil. Seriously though for someone complaining that the author didn't use advice from a "licenced" veterinarian, he's not too smart to think that someone would be better off using advice from some anonymous jerk on the internet... don't even take my word for it CHECK WITH YOUR VET!!

Sriya on Jan 16, 2012:

It can be used to clean an oil paint brush. very useful for artists!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2012:

I can vouch for the olive oil. I have extremely sensitive skin and can't use most facial cleansers, shaving creams, or lotions without developing a rash. I "wash" my face with either sugar and olive oil or just the oil and a wash cloth. I use the sugar scrub to exfoliate. I also shave my legs with the olive oil. It feels so much better than any store bought shaving cream ever has. And the light scent does dissipate rather quickly. :)

glenn on Nov 23, 2011:

hi! can olive oil can treat scar from scratching? please help me i got this scar when i was 5 years old and now im 21,,

Susie on Aug 12, 2011:

Free a stuck zipper.. Now that's interesting. Is it because of an inherent olive oil property or can all oil free stuck zippers?

Mareeyah on Jun 27, 2011:

I'm allergic to lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, and even petroleum jelly on the lips. :-( So I started using olive oil on my lips, since I figured it's food so I shouldn't have allergic reaction to it. I've been doing it for over two years and still no allergic reaction, whereas when I try using lipstick again, a couple of days later, rashes appear on my lips.

Shirley on Jun 08, 2011:

I see why some people stayed anonymous *eye roll here* guess there needs to be disclaimers on everything now days because no one has any COMMON SENSE.

As for the Vet oh brother are so smart! Mineral oil huh...note to author of article consult a different Vet if you ever need that extra advice.

Olivier Moulin on Apr 27, 2011:

Certaines utilisations sont les plus orignales que j'ai jamais vues ! How did you find them all ?

Jennifer on Mar 29, 2011:

I swear by Olive Oil! I cook with it daily, and use it to cleanse and moisturize my skin and hair. Admittedly, I have not tried it for its mechanical fixes, but I do get much use out of it for beauty purposes! I even have a small business and online webstore that specialize in Olive Oil bath products!

Joy2b on Feb 27, 2011:

Cosmetically - I've found it's a mild hand moisturizer, and can hide hair breakage.  If your skin is easily aggrevated, or you just want to test it, you can always try similar skin first (such as just below the base of the neck).

Mechanically - It's a quick solution for oiling hinges or springs, and lasts longer than very light machine oils such as wd40.  When it starts to look dirty (oils do pick up dirt) you can wash it off more easily than longer lasting oils and replace it, so it's not a bad option.  I have used it on really damaged leather, which went from terribly dry to decent looking and stayed that way.  I've also oiled hands and tools before getting them really dirty (though not usually with olive oil) and it does keep the dirt from getting really embedded.

I don't see much sense in drinking it.  Your trachea (breathing) and esophagus(eating) are seperate tubes, and it's usually dust or dry air that makes a throat feel itchy.  Besides, you can't enjoy the flavor well that way.

Sherri: If your oil smells bad to you, it's good to pay attention.  You could have old or poor quality oil, which would distinctly affect the health benefits of cooking with it, or you just might not like it.  Compare it with a small bottle of fresh, extra virgin from a good brand, and also take a moment to decide whether you like the smell of olives (try eating a fresh one). There are other healthy oils, some of which you probably have handy already. (Do you have canola for baking?)

Tina Fu on Jan 23, 2011:

i use a honey, brown sugar, and olive oil mixture as a face scrub. My face creates an excess amount of sebum "oil", and i only have been using this for a week and my face is already clear,softer, and brighter, i hardly have acne, and my face isnt so greasy.

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