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Comments - How To Buy Your First Sewing Machine - Sewing for Dudes (and Ladies) No. 1: Gathering Your Gear

Village on Jun 10, 2007:

Nice intro! I'm a guy with two sewing machines. One is a domestic grade Necchi from the 50's, and the other is a table-mounted industrial straight-stitch which can run through leather and several layers of canvas. There can be a big difference in the notions you buy, depending whether you're going to sew curtains or tackle upholstery work.

Regarding the comment on the needle threader - I've never seen one but have never had a problem threading the hole if the workspace is well lit. There is a trick to this however. If you need to switch out thread, cut the old thread above the tensioner post or spool stand on top of the machine. Tie the new thread onto the old piece using a square knot, then pull the old stuff out and the new in! You've not only saved a bit of time not having to rethread the tensioner, lifter and needle, but the knot helps to clean out thread lint from the tensioner and guides.

Affinity on Jun 10, 2007:

wow i always use the needle threader.. aint it faster? hmm we are talking about the same thing right? the thing attached to the sewing machine that helps u put the thread thru the needle b4 u sew. haha maybe i'm just getting lazy to thread needles :) my mum loves it though.. coz her eyesight is getting worse with age. oh gosh! maybe my eyesight is failing me too!

Chris Gardner on Jun 10, 2007:


Do you think so? My sewing machine has one, but I find it to be a hassle, and I never opt to use it...

Affinity on Jun 10, 2007:

hi all.. another small thing to note is to buy a sewing machine with a automatic needle threader. makes everything so much easier!

shinerbockrocks on Jun 08, 2007:

Great topic! Sewing is such a great creative outlet. It opens a doorway to so many DIY projects. Dudes should do it too.

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