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Comments - What's the Best Garden Planner? We Find Out!

Josie on May 12, 2018:

Thank for the useful information!

Steve Eykamp on Jan 07, 2018:

Sorry to disagree, but I have been extremely disappointed by the MEN Planner. It does all that you mention, and better than others, but try investing YEARS of effort in design and plant research on successive gardens and then trying to print out a large garden -or- its "Plant List" that contains your precious notes. The Flash design of this program will reliably mess this up. Moreover, I've written the TS about these issues and didn't even receive the courtesy of a reply. So if you want to invest as much time on the PC as you do in your garden and trust that being a loyal customer will be rewarded..keep looking.

Gary on Jan 12, 2017:

Have been using MEN planner for three years and the limitations have me looking for other options. For example. We are farming an odd shaped 1200 feet by 110 foot area that effectively gives us close to two acres but the planner cannot print these dimensions effectively. Eben on five sheets of 11 by 14. The alternative is to create four or five separate garden areas however that loses the planner effectiveness in crop rotation seeing as the multiple plans cannot be integrated. Any suggestions?

Christi on Apr 01, 2016:

Thank you for the work you put into doing your review of these garden planners.
I tried Mother Earth's Planner (free trial) and was pretty pleased with it and your review sealed the deal for me. I will be subscribing to MEN.
Thanks again,

DIY Maven on Jun 20, 2015:

@ Eliza--Yes, you can save and print up to 5 plans at one time, but only if you sign up for the subscription service. (The free trial only allows you to save/print 1 garden plan at a time.) 

Eliza on Jun 19, 2015:

Thank You for the review. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Does the MEN garden planner allow you to save and print multiple designs for different yards?

DIY Maven on Jun 03, 2015:

@Marie Pierre--You are very welcome!

marie pierre on Jun 03, 2015:


Thank you for this great review. My hubby was already getting suggested planting guide by  e-mails from Mother Earth News and although we like it and found it useful we were wondering whether it was worth getting the subscription. After reading your review we have made our minds up and will be registering with fully because it is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you again for trying it out for us

best regards

Marie Pierre

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