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Comments - Make This: Super Easy DIY Hanging Plant Wall

Laura on Apr 30, 2018:

Hi where did you purchase the colorful hanging pots?

Theresa G on Oct 10, 2017:

Hi! Great DIY! Can you tell me where you got the hanging plant pots? Thanks~

HelloLidy on Feb 04, 2017:

@kate H That sounds like a wonderful plan! I got the grid rebar at Home Depot :) And yes, it was sold as shown in the pictures!


Kate H on Feb 04, 2017:

This is so cool! I'm thinking of trying it in my bathroom with towel hooks and succulents! Can I ask where you find the wire grid rebar like that? Was it in a roll or sold in a sheet panel like you have there?

HelloLidy on Feb 01, 2017:

@Kym Great question! All you need to do is make sure to install the plants on a wall where there is plenty of natural light streaming into the room (you can see we have a large window that gets plenty of light in the pictures above). I wouldn't recommend installing directly into a window, sometimes the light can burn or scorch the leaves, depending on the plant of course. You can look into purchasing low maintenance plants, such as a Pothos or Philodendron which do really well if there is no direct sunlight from a nearby window. If you don't have great lighting, then grow lights are definitely an option.


Kym on Jan 31, 2017:

This is a wonderful idea and it looks great. I am wondering if grow lights would be necessary on that wall since this project was not installed onto a window. ???? /

Anonymous on May 24, 2015:

Love this- where can I find these colorful hanging planters?!?

Suzette on May 13, 2015:

That's very creative! Would also easily work in rental apts. and then you can hang photos, etc. without making a ton of holes in the wall. Great idea!

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