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Hi! I'm Alicia and I can tell you three very concrete things about myself when it comes to homes and loving where you… read more

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candy on May 01, 2015:

I've been through the page on Facebook followed from the link given for this list and the kitchen cleaning list and spent a good portion of an hour going through the page up til 2013 posts and could not find any to download. Looked at the photos and the about section? Am I not getting the clue?

Michel on Mar 24, 2015:

Pretty much agree. I really dislike , hesitate & sometimes refuse to 'go to facebook page for...' a lot of things. I don't believe we should be required to use facebook for anything!

Erin Harris on Mar 24, 2015:

Sorry about typo - meant "Goldman"  of course.  In my fury, I even entered my e-mail wrong above. 

Erin Harris on Mar 24, 2015:

Why Facebook?  I don't feel like donating free content to a billionaire and his Golman Sachs cronies, who not incidentally would be spying on me.  Please give us another way -- please!

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