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Comments - IKEA + Country...Can this modern marriage last??

DIY Maven on Jul 24, 2007:

Hey Bacon, I'll see what I can do!

baconthecat on Jul 23, 2007:

Wow, good job on finding those! For some reason I receive PB catalogs, which I always browse through (even though I know I'll probably never buy anything in there--not really my style, and IMO, overpriced); but I love Ikea!! I would love to see more entries like this if possible! With any other kind of items... Like some expensive store with comparable Target items, for example.

Debra on Jun 08, 2007:

Great article - I love modern but at heart I gravitate toward a shabby cottage antique feel. Not into the hokey primitives, ruffles and floral prints at all. I didn't realize IKEA did this type of design.

jasimar on May 31, 2007:

Love the ideas.  I'm still not feeling very country though.  Well, maybe a little...

lafemmedramatique on May 29, 2007:

This is a really facinating article... Although, for me, it is no strange thing to see a "Modern Country" design... My older sister's house is oozing with it! Her husband actually is a farmer (go figure) and they both have very "comfortable meets function" taste, but in a classy, non-country-bumkin way.... after all, they're only in their 30's!

So, yes... her house, despite it's abundance of children's toys, is very much chock full of very clean lines and simple, solid colors, but paired with very classy country patterns as well (like her black and cream/beige living room, with all the walls painted beige and then one accent wall done up w/ toile wall paper (you know, the black and white french wallpaper...)

I wish I had photos of her house... it's fantastic! I just wish I had her decorating skills! 

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