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Comments - Before and After: An Upstate New York Home Gets the World's Most Colorful Makeover

nunya biz on Nov 27, 2015:

well, that will be sure to drag down the value of the neighborhood.glad I don't live near them. what an eyesore!

Anonymous on Dec 13, 2014:

Amazing! The people who have left disparaging remarks, were never taught "if you nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"

Anonymous on Dec 11, 2014:

Hideous. Destroyed the heritage of the house.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2014:

Awful, I hope whoever lives there plans on staying permanently because resale is not going to happen looking like this!

Lynn on Dec 10, 2014:

I loved the room with the stained glass and light blue walls. There was also a white bathroom? White space anyway. I would not be able to get comfortable in a house with this much going on either! But wow I love the dedication to finishing the whole thing! I do like the very large exagerated victorian trim on the outsided. I belive its black.

Beth on Dec 08, 2014:

This is pretty much my nightmare home, haha. I get itchy just thinking about trying to relax in there.  But good for her for creating such a unique space that clearly reflects her artistic nature!

Conny on Nov 26, 2014:

Well, I think we have a serious case of schizofrenea here.

Karen Clifford on Nov 25, 2014:


I'm not sure about the resale value but this is definitely a home that reflects the owner's personality.

What a wonderfun adventure ;-)

Suzi on Nov 23, 2014:

Oh, my - it's absolutely beautiful!! Such an inspiration! :)

Erin on Nov 22, 2014:

I am in love!  Now to convince my housemates we should do this to their house!  I wonder if the neighbours would love it as much as I? 

Theresa Loomis on Nov 20, 2014:

Katwise has legions of fans and followers, mostly for her unique designs but also for Calico, her colorful home. Her spirit shines.

C.K. on Nov 20, 2014:

'I remember a cool HGTV show about unique houses like this. I miss that show.'

It was awesome interiors (i think) with Jennifer Convy. I loved that show.

Anonymous on Nov 20, 2014:

I remember a cool HGTV show about unique houses like this. I miss that show.

beryl on Nov 20, 2014:

colors,masks,frames... Awesome.I love it.

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2014:

I applaud people who see the potential. Maybe all this is over the top for some, but this is an awesome transformation of a place that was left behind. Bravo!

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2014:


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